Maria Baffert, Natasha, UK discussed on The Fighter & The Kid - TFATK Episode 277: Natasha Leggero


You'd include me i would hampson include uk pay the way in memory of all circle no wear include maria baffert or or allies sgr yes one hundred percent i do i mean i think i do that though natasha because it's it is still a pretty male world and it's pretty like you know and women it like it's it's still fairly maledominated so you know that's that's probably why i include that right do you think so we're now um i mean it's hard because like every female comic i know has thrown show cell but i do think you but i but i i may might be seeing it from you know an a diff like a you know a special demanded wonder saying i eat i know so many successful female comedians that's all year but i'm sure there's plenty who aren't successful yet near who addressed the other two could pour for legal does a ton of success i mean i think this is a really cool time to be a woman and if i were an audience member i would rather i mean women are just they have a a more unique perspective i think than just like an average white male and i'm actually i kinda feel like a lot of white men are having a hard time right because you're they're not exotic enough or i dunno but maybe complaint from the tonight where i mean i've heard more of that then i have no it's harder to get a writing jobs sometimes pressure wide goes on networks were to to have a diverse writing staff and diverse cast and that's just a fact of life and they're pretty played about can i why car to people trying to be writers on my show and they were like one hundred percent equally funny and one was a woman and one woman was man.

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