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I hate filters betsy devos it becomes hatefigure for whatever reason uh she's you know she's been a a republican backer for a long time she's been in the school choice movement her brother is some kind of moral monster apparently merit printsite only earning about but once private armies in afghanistan or something like that the family has been controversial among the left for a long time and she didn't apparently uh uh respond very well during her confirmation hearing to some stuff but she has worked on education for a long time anyway she was the one everyone decided to get mad at in that process so people have a default betsy devos sucks of filter hear me ned vigils in my neighborhood of butter at the local school um and it you know they have the a default trump thinks he have i hate betsy devos i hate uh donald trump and this has to do with rape there's just no way apparently for people to except information that gets in the way of how their computer spits out those inputs which is hashtag stop betsy or a our our mutual friend noah shack in a very great guide discerning journalists tweeted something defective like what the fuck is wrong with these people so sometimes of discerning journalists there are very often at seraing journals when one of the better ones out there this is a a completely widespread reaction to something a due process claim it's a it's a a great example of how.

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