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They're really high on him and obviously just hasn't been able to stay healthy so I think if he can now you you bring special teams value. He kind of is a diverse Pass catching ability. But I also think he kind of has some physicality to him and then you know that four spot I think they do keep for is kind of up for grabs in that. It could be like Michael. Warren that you. Dfa The eagles. I believe he was one of the guys. You have draftable. Great on Jim. Yes he was he was him Ray. Kwan Williams defensive tackle Grain Arnold Graylan Arnold the safety slot corner whatever. You WANNA call him. Luke Georiga Center from Western Michigan Yup and Who was the guy we'll get? I'm sure at some point Just want to finish up at running back ever. Seeing when option keep an eye on in the market is Carlos Hyde who stopped. There came off a thing. Career last year in terms of total production. Any overlapped with Eagles senior offense assistant risking Garoppolo in the forty niners for one year. Two thousand seventeen to that to be a little relationship to keep an eye on doing. We kind of forgot to do our own. Good or bad for quarterback. I was going to go back to that too and when we finished up running back so yeah quarterback rob. They're obviously good. They're good yeah. Clearly I mean where would you? Where would you rank wins by the way I think he's sort of the five to ten range? I was GONNA say top ten. That's saying yeah so basically say you wouldn't say top five as a top ten. Yeah okay so good about that one. And how do we feel about running back there? Okay well so Jimmy Pick. They're more good. They're more good than bad for sure. So I'd say good running back also good you when you look at the running back to other way like they had the worst running back situation the NFL in twenty eighteen. Oh Yeah and they fixed it last year and this year. I think they're in good shape but I kind of see it the same way as you. Sanders Scott. I think Corey Clinton will actually wind up being the four because I do think they'll add a third guy. My guy would be Isaiah Crowell nine. Just I'm just a good fan of him. I'm a big fan of him. Rather like there's one time. He scored a touchdown. He wiped out with the football field. India did I say that other last podcast now I read. Yeah but I feel like football then throw it in the in the stands which I'm sold right right there but he's also like he's a legit like between the tackles runner can catch the ball at the back. I think it'd be a really good fit and then of course there's shady who As you've mentioned on many occasions that they did have interest in bringing him back at at various times of the last few years. So he's a free agent. He's still out there. I don't think that'd be a great idea. I don't think you do either Microsoft on that but That's on the radio but yet so running back. I'd say they're good yet. Last thing I'll say is the Adrian. Dylan's is I think more of a practice guy could be fun to watch in the precedes. Yes people are upset that they didn't have him. I fifty three actually. Yeah people say the speed there entreat. He's like one hundred and sixty five pounds so like he's gotta he's got an uphill climb to make an of our astor wide receiver. I Have Eagles keeping six-year Sean. Jeffrey is not one of those players to me. Despite the fact that good friend and former at least Maybe in the future who knows began contributors last Philadelphia Eagles Mothership Master. Whatever you WANNA use title their days spothero on all Sean Jeffrey Jimmy? He saying quote. The plan is for us to be a major part of the offense as he recovers from his lips. Frank Injury yesterday completes Rehab. Of course. Jeffrey is in the course of doing so. The Eagles have made sure this off season to get the word out that Jeffrey is being counted. On and Rosen has had conversations to that extent with number seventeen in the picture. The healthy and fully focused and Jeffrey would be a huge boost for the offense. He eats up defensive backs. Eagles are fully aware that the last complete game Jeffrey played with at Miami on December first and he caught nine passes for one hundred. Thirty seven yards anti touchdown. He was dominating having Jeffrey back. All the way is an important piece. The offense the puzzle for two thousand twenty. I do appreciate the Eagles Sales attempts here to sell into the rest of the league. I don't think they're gonNA buy it And I remain steadfast in my and my thinking that he's not going to be on the roster twenty twenty when you look at that dolphins game by the way sixteen targets nine catches hundred. Thirty seven yards one touchdown hundred thirty eight hundred thirty seven yards in that game. Four hundred ninety yards on the season. So what does that? What does that percent percents okay? Twenty eight percent of his season yards came in that one game and by the way that one game I remember like looking back or I remember like it might quote unquote five matchups to watch. I couldn't see a way that the dolphins could possibly beat the eagles in this game because of how banged up their secondary was just to take a little trip back down. Memory Lane. Court quarterback number one's Avian Howard out with a with an injury quarterback number two our grow. He moved to safety because they had tons of like safety injuries. And guys over trade or whatever and by that we're talking about if it's Patrick was traded to the dealers are Reshad Jones. It was on our with With a shoulder injury Bobby McCain was on our the shoulder injury. They had their two thousand seventeen round. Pick Raya Tankersley He had suffered a torn. Acl The previous year wasn't ready to return By that game in two thousand nineteen season trick or keep to lead. That was more of like a basically money dumped for the APP for the Rams he was on I R so they're left with Ken. Crawley leading up to that game. Who's was added off of waivers from the saints like four weeks prior heating play. You wound up not playing in that game. They Guy Nick Needham undrafted free agent. Who Got Cut? Cut DOWN ON TERRIBLE. Ostra at the time by the way added to the practice squad to the roster week six Jamaal Wilkes Former Eagles training camp guy sort of a career. Practice Guy I guess he made the team at your the dolphins and as a as a futures contract guy that year and was was starting for them. Eric grow as mentioned previously. He was playing safety instead of corner and then there are other safety. Was Stephen Parker who who had been added off of waivers from the rams earlier in the season. So That's who alshon Jeffery did damage against last year and again as you mentioned twenty eight percent of his production cave in that one game and the rest of the season you've managed. So what do we have? What did we say? He was? Four ninety four touchdown for ninety minus one thirty seven. He had three hundred fifty three yards the rest of the season against a legitimate secondary against legitimate secondaries. Your perception mark too low for him yet while he had eleven point four on the season. Now Sean Dead. He's averaging under ten yards per catch the rest of the nine point six yards per. Catch the rest of the season if you take away. Take out that dolphins game against basically practice squad secondary so the was awesome. This dolphins game actually in my opinion makes this season worse when you kind of look at it when you can look at it in in that kind of context anyway. I think he's on like P. At best even anyway Even if he was around. I'm saying yeah and I don't think you will. But even if he did I I just think you know I mean it depends on the season starts and all that all that caveat aside I just don't see it so I have the eagles keeping six outside of him. I have them keeping Deshaun Jackson. Obviously a lot Jalen regular Jd Arteaga whiteside. Touch on a little bit here. Marquees Goodwin and Greg Ward. Kylo not necessarily locked in an Giang hightower so I have quest Watkins on the practice squad. I WANNA stop down on Jayjay a little bit because he was interviewed this week. Recently for a Spanish outlet called on yard s and good friend on twitter here at believe his name is at process. Underscore this seventy six. But I don't have that wrong. Ignatio is display name translated some of it and very kind of do that. And one of the couple of takeaways from interviewers that one point in the season. Jj had to need help to walk to the bathroom. So he's playing through injury and the other thing was top to learn every single position in the playbook because he came into the game knowing Not Knowing where he was going to play so are you buying or selling. I don't WanNa hear any of that first of all that's the NFL. Like that's just sort of the reality for those guys. And I don't need to sound I duNNo. It's easy for me to say. Yeah just tough it out. Because I'm sitting on my sofa watching them on. Tv They were. They're they're out. They're actually playing. But that's just how I mean if you if anyone ribaud bow wolves piece about Jason Kelsey in likes the injuries that these guys sort of play through throughout the entire season Jason Kelsey in a single snap last season and just to go through all the pain that he suffers throughout. The season is crazy. So it's really not that out of the ordinary for for these guys to not feel so great throughout you know on their on their days off the regular season so I am not interested in any of that and then as far as learning the playbook. Yeah Okay we already kind of We already kind of understand that there's a transition especially at the wide receiver position from college in the NFL. So that's not anything revealing. I mean they did have them sort of cross training at a couple of different positions. Which in hindsight you can look back and go okay. We'll maybe that wasn't the best idea and actually going forward. I think it's a debate on whether they should do that with Jalen Ray or not. I don't think they should Put in one spot and let him learn that spot in. Just be good at it so maybe kind of look at his season with that understanding. I gas spot again. I don't want to hear that from him. You know like other people should be making those excuses for him. He shouldn't be making those excuses so I don't I would say bad. I feel bad about receiver either. Yeah I think things could go right. I'm not trying to say like there's a scenario where Sean Jackson stays healthy yield. Rigor like is like the rookie of the year or the year star potential said this. Jj kind of clicks doesn't even necessarily need to become a star himself but he kind of dislike gets out of own way and like comes a competent Ellen NFL player Goodwin can be like a nice backup to sean or role player. Whatever you know the rookies kind of help out hightower kick returns regular could do Like I think there's a situation where this kind of all comes together here or something something together but the fact. There's so many things that could also wrong like there's not a lot of short things on the same day yet to borrow a sort of draft phrase it does kind of have a boomer bus quality to it yes but I think the I think the bust quality is more likely than the boom quality. So I'll go out. I don't feel great about this group. Bad Okay so tight. End probably down to spend a ton of time now..

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