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We'll lengthy article in the description but the things would have stands out to me. Is that the brewery. That was making the tommy knockers beer of which. I still have two in my fridge. We're gonna try. When when allies in town up so together the team would run up thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and beer and pizza repeatedly and has never paid it back. There is a apparently according to eyewitness sources. My brother who was talking to the manager there There is a big old fold or about the size of a phone book full of full of unpaid receipts that the owner said. Oh yeah boys. Don't worry i'll pay for the pizza and beer and then never did. Thank you donald for infiltrating that one damn. That's yeah like something. Out of a horror story charlie and it does make sense to like personally because i did like by those t shirts from them and they never shipped them and i emailed them twice a. Hey what happened to those t shirts. I bought. And no one's ever responded to me so it seems that i don't think anyone's going to get a refund. I think i think whoever put together. This tommy knockers. Team is on the next plane to like ogden. Ville like like he sold beards of fucking monorail system and he is. He is gone Well that is really sad. Should we drink those tommy knocking beers or should they just be collectors. D i don't know i have. We have to bottle two cans so we could split a can and then save the other one and then sell it on ebay in In twenty years to some to some obsessive. I say that we split a can and then split the other canon twenty years. Oh absolutely absolute- or we could do a team where we drink half of the can and then whoever still alive gets the rest of the can and the other full can. The full can which you'll probably be expired by then because we're going to live for a thousand years and the completely flat half a can in a couple of dust mites got in through the mouth. Oh absolutely absolutely. I mean and of course you know. There are worse things to put beverages but can twenty 2021. We'll get into that. But that's that's where we're at with the my at itami doctors. They may not exist anymore. It may have been attacked scale. That's like the city of haven. We burned braid. What was your end. I want just want to say solidarity with workers on the team management was. It seems pretty clear. Fucking them over so good for them for standing up for themselves. And i'm sorry. This season had to end here. I i don't know where the story of the mining city tommy knockers is going to go after this but Wollo we'll keep you updated though. Gary and that's this week's tommy knocker news a great i mean i. Wow that's that sucks. Love that you have all that information and thank you for keeping into yourself until you and i got. It was so hard times right. I was like. I'm tech elisa. Or i'll take something vague like no. She's just going to google so i've just been sitting on this For about a week. Now i'd say just like i can't we talk to elisa and gary about this i am never going to get a t shirt that does kind of blow t shirts. They were also like kind of expensive. I going to say like for the amount of money that people like. Okay presumably some of that money. That i sent for t shirt i thought was going to go to like paying the team's pizza bill but as it turns out it turns out. Neither of those things happen like no shirts. have arrived absolutely tag..

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