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All that said do you want to build a censored search engine, and I don't think congress like did that like we just had a deeper conversation about Google in China than than anyone in congress has had? So they asked the question and they walked away from it. And then someone else waived its industries the other thing they asked about which I think is interesting to talk about in rarely comes up. I think I don't think the average youtuber things have seemed arbitrary being the guy in charge of YouTube. But is right. Even though Susan which is the CEO of YouTube YouTube is part of Google soon are. Runs cuco. He doesn't really have a great answer for why like YouTube works the way it does. Well, YouTube moderation is still so like bad, fundamentally, why UT recommendations quickly re lead down radicalization holes on you know, whatever you want to be radicalized on he starts just kinda like we're working on it. We have policies we take down as we see it. And I don't think I think that answer is quickly going to be not good enough. And I think the idea that soon Dr is insulated from YouTube is that needs to change a little bit. Even though he does have deputies it'll Google still runs you too. It's the second largest search engine in the world. So that was the other thing that congress touchdown yesterday. I think Julia Alexander wrote a great piece about for us. But it's just it's just weird that it's still everybody thinks about is two different things. It's almost like Facebook and Instagram like, no one really considers fact the Facebook Instagram. I I do now because what I use Instagram. I could just feel it that it wants to make every other image in the main the main feed an ad, but it. It doesn't it isn't quite well, he just go there. And so, but like I like as you scroll you like, oh, there's another. So now, I'm counting the number of posts between ads just like because I know it's going to get down to one and that just mills really Facebook to me. Yeah. And stories in particulars. Just add city. Yeah. Let's take a break marine add to that. And let's talk about some gadgets..

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