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And I think this is something that is unique challenge for guys like you. And I that work in the media, and whose opinions are asked for on a frequent basis, but really anybody who's watching us right now or listening to the. Podcast later, David if you have a social media account, you have the exact same challenge as a believer. That Paul had as an apostle bringing this truth to the places of Corinth, which you you reference. The fact that Corinth was so depraved, even by Greek standards. They were their own verb that you were Carinthian is even by Greek standards. They thought the Corinthians were a depraved bunch you emphasise where the entire economy of the community was based on worship of false God, for example. All right. So so we I confronted with us a lot, and I have to navigate this. You know, when when Paul confronts, the Judah is in Galicia who want to worship circumcision. He snarky tells them, you know, if you'd love circumcision so much cut your penis often be especially holy right. But then he also says, you know words of love seasoned with salt. And is he contradicting himself and one of the ways I've tried to reason through this and have it apply to the way. I do my job is I think you alluded to it. A few minutes ago, Paul as a parent. You know, I need my motivation is apparent whether when I'm correcting my son after a game. And I'm like, hey, your behavior in that game was not good, and I will not tolerate it is the same as I know you tried your best. It wasn't good enough. I'm proud of you. Anyway, the same motivation when I rebuke or when I lovingly support is is love I'm rebuking amount of love because I want to get his attention because that behavior just isn't going to be tolerated. And it's to his downfall. If he continues it, and I in my my motivation is love when I when I have is back, even if he failed at something by the world's standard. And I think rather than try and have this scorecard of how nice can be nicer than God. Can we be meaner than God? I think to have the motivation of God, which is love whether it is a harsh rebuke, like you're the your son of the devil, or whether it is words of love seasoned with salt. I think these are lessons of how Paul and his followers had to navigate that culture. Our great guide post for those of us living in this media and social media world today. I totally agree. And all you're right point out, especially like in first Corinthians where he is sarcastic alternatively, and then and then just totally intimate and and loving. But I think what you're saying. Correct. Try to find a balance be winsome about it. But but tell the truth in love and don't don't compromise truth is trying to be diplomatic about it. Don't try to turn people off and shaming him be Christian Skuld. But do tell them the truth that they need to know. And they need to understand. I think what you see in these letters of Paul somebody who's raw just he wears his emotions on his sleeve, and he's honest about it you see how intimate how how personally grieved he is. When these people that he in the churches, he planted fall away and follow. The Judy is follow the false teachers and he's pleading with them to come back. And he's also answering the people who the false teachers who accused him of building himself up and taking money skimming off the top in these in these aid packets for Jerusalem, which he was gonna take back to that. Of course, I didn't do that. But in his response, he sometimes as you say snarky sarcastic. But he doesn't in a way I think not to be a smart Aleck, but in a way to defend himself because he's not personally defending himself as he says, I'm not I'm only boasting in Christ. But it's important that he rehabilitated himself when they've not down because if he doesn't the whole gospel could fall because it lives and dies on his credibility. He has to stand up for his own thority which received directly from Christ. And he received the gospel. I believe super nationally directly from Christ. And so he he when he went when he wrote these letters he was issuing pure doctrine..

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