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Brian. Welcome to the show. Now, let's check in with Alex Worley for good reason. She's always got somebody great, Alex. We're here to inspire, inform and connect the community of entrepreneurs. I'm Alex Worley. This is business rock stars and my guest today, Mina her school and she is the co founder of Sandbox. Fitness. We're so glad you're here. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. Yeah. So did you always want to be an entrepreneur? Yes. Ever since I was a kid, I have been working for my dad's company. And, um, I just loved what he did. And I wanted to grow up one day and on my own business as well. What kind of company did he have? He actually has One of the largest dog kennels in Maryland. Oh, wow, probably on the East Coast. Yeah. So what was the main thing that you learn from him watching him as you grew up? I guess it was like, work hard. Play hard, Okay, she you know we would hustle and work like crazy and it was like whenever people had vacation. We didn't because we were watching people's dogs. Yeah, when the normal vacation times we're going on and then you know, when we went on vacation, it was, you know, not the normal times, but we We went on vacation all the time, and I just wanted I just loved how our family dynamic growing up was just always so far. We would go on trips all the time. And just because you put in the effort, you're able to take vacation and Enjoy life. Yeah, So would you say that that work ethic is crucial for what you do now? In your business? Yes. Yeah. I mean, we're I'm Brand new. So our business is like, not even at the point that I can go play hard yet that's the goal is just to get it to the point where you know I can work, work work and then eventually be able to take take vacations. Take off when I what I want and, you know, work when I get thanks a lot of work to get there. Yeah. How did you come up with sandbox fitness? At what point did you decide? I want this to be my entrepreneurial endeavor. Um, let's see. Well, I've been a trainer for like since I was 18 for like, 11 12 years now, um And I always of entrepreneurial and spirit because you have to get your own. Oh, yeah. Being a trainer is like you gotta hustle because it's like you can go to a gym and just stand there and be like, you know, people are coming to you guys really work and sell and talk to people. It's your your own salesman. Uh, um. But I was buying witness in particular. At what point Where you like? This is gonna be my business. I think it Was a few years ago I got injured and my husband as well and we went to the beach. We worked out on the beach. And it was like one of the best workouts we've had that didn't bother us, and we kept going back. And we're like this is so amazing. Like, why does no one have this? You know? Yeah. Then we decided we started looking into it. It must have been, you know. Two years before we opened, and we started looking into it and decided just to go for it since no one had it. Oh, wow. That's amazing. What were some of those first steps you took to actually execute the first steps? I guess it was more just like looking Doing research and is finding out. You know how to keep it clean. Because we're like, What do we do with like a giant indoor sandbox like that? Could be nasty. You know, we're like, What if it smells? What if it? You know what? You're sweating on it? It was just kind of we thought it might be a good idea Might not So, um, that was our first step. We start doing research and we found especially sand that we can get made. That was You know, silica, free and super clean. And then once we kind of got that out of the way business loan because we have no money and had no money of our own. So we were just like all right now we've got to get a business loan, and that was a pain in the butt because no one's giving business loans out at the time. So when we finally to get our business, and we were like one of the first s B, a loans from the bank and like the that year, what's another big challenge or obstacle that you've had to overcome as an entrepreneur? Um There's so many of them, I'm sure. Yeah, I mean, the biggest challenge I but I feel is more just like knowing how to allocate the money. You know, It's like everyone wants you to advertise with them. Everyone wants you to, you know, Put your money here, Put your money here, and it's just like you have to figure out Where you know, went to hold back and went to actually go for it. Because, you know you can lose your money. And just like a split second advertising. So So how do you figure that out? Um, I mean, I guess we did. A bunch of research only kind of were like, alright each month. We have this much set aside for advertising and whether it's going to go into a few things or one giant. Advertising or marketing. Um Think either will do it. You know, we just kind of put the money aside and we we go from there. You got to have the budget. Yeah. Yeah, This is business Rock stars were here to inspire, inform and connect a community of entrepreneurs. I'm Alex Worley, joined by miniature school if she is the co founder of Sandbox Fitness, So what would you say? Is your strength and your weakness as an entrepreneur? Um, I would say my strength is just people skills. Um, I love you know, talking to people meeting people, everyone that comes in. I just I'm really good just with a different Personalities and injuries and everyone's got something else going on. And just about adapting to every situation in every person making everyone feel welcome. Yeah, exactly. It's like one big family at our studio, so it's really fun. My weakness. I mean, I've got lots of weaknesses, but, um, I I would say Love. How that one's harder for me to think about than the other one. It's like when you're in a job interview. Yeah, week this. How do I say this in a positive way? I mean, my weakness, I would probably say is organization and dealing with lawyers. I am like, I don't know. Lawyer lingo. I just think it Yeah, So it's a different whelming. Oh, my God. So I make my husband do that. Okay. Got it. So it's always missing. You have people who compliment your strengths and weaknesses. Yeah, Going back to organizational skills. What are some, too Tools or tricks that you've incorporated to help you with those skills. Calendar on your.

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