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We posted earlier this week at Pritchard. Show if you've got questions about Sherri Martel Michael Aldridge wants to know during her Tom with the debris. F- Shihri ever rumored to or she ever actually in a relationship with you need the wrestlers. And Bruce I gotTa tell you about half the questions that we got about Sherry or personal life because we know so little. I mean I didn't know that she lived with her mother in Alabama and I live in Alabama and I'm a big wrestling fan and we don't know you know who she rode with or who she traveled with or if she was in a romantic relationship with any of the talent or what any of real life look like. And you tell us about any of that. No 'cause she was she did the right way. Shanta Private Life Louis private. She had someone that she was saying. I think we gotta we gotta May guy like once or twice. Maybe Brigham around. We separate. She didn't want him around the wrestling business. And you know that that was her life that was her other life That she liked to have separate but as far as you know there were rumors early on that. She might have had relationships with different guys. I don't know who But from my point of view for me working with the man she was always professional as Hell. And you didn't. You didn't have that you didn't have that to worry about. And she had a significant other. They weren't married that I know of She was that private but she she brought were on me like me and Randy and Liz Internet you know what's true online but the Internet says that the fellow's name was Robert and allegedly She's married twice and I think one of the Times it's been rumored. The Euro POW Booker T. Actually gave her away and he may have. Yeah but doubled again. That was the the she kept it quiet. She kept personal. She kept private which I agree with that saw. I mean you've always you've you've done that we've talked a little about your wife. You're on the show and she's never been involved in the business or anything like that. How do you think she would do? And today's You know women's wrestling. I think she'd flourish. Oh my God Sherry would flourish be one of the greatest heels ever. She was but in this environment today. My God it was made for Shark Sherri Martel. Sherry was so far ahead of time Carlton Banks Whilst what will share his ethnicity. What she biracial never heard that before? Not that I know of. I don't know but never heard that before. Well if you a few of our listeners. A same that she there may be. You know HOT HALF WHITE HALF BLACK. Others have guessed. Maybe she's half Indian half white. I don't think it matters in the end. I think people just ask those questions so hey she was like me Mary Kate wants to know. Is there someone you would consider this generation sharee racks good question of Shit? I don't know holy cow. I I can't think of one. Tremendous question from drew landry while Sherry could easily play the. He'll roll incredibly well. Was there any talk of her being face? I think Sherry could've pulled that off as well too. I think Sherry could have been that bad ass stone. Cold Steve Austin type of Character that the audience would have eaten up and loved because they respected her big bake rights and we know. Sean had a lot of sunny days but do you think he ever had any sensational nights. I beat Asa. I have no idea. it's it's a fun idea to to sort of pay homage to Sherry and I am curious if you think. Wwe will ever honor her in the way they have some of the other towns before her light. Moolah and Mae Young allegedly Jericho Recommended events years ago. The sensational invitational like a memorial battle. Royal Do you think we could ever see something like that. In the in the company never say never and that's something I think that could be received. Positive way she was she was unique. Man It's It's one of those weird deals where she's one of those talents where where everybody else you know. Feels like we know everything about him. She's one of the interesting Niklas and I think that's probably so this missing from a lot of wrestling today. Like there's a lot of mystery with Cherry and that adds to the the interest and intrigue and I don't know I think it has another layer to To making someone a draw. Would you agree with that? Yes and that they'll special qualities can't put your finger on that is what makes a difference and you feel it but you can't necessarily explain it in. That's that's the beauty of this business. And that's the beauty of true talent Ritchie rights and Sherry had some inter-gender loser get spanked matches against Cornell smokey mountain hypothetically what would have sounded like when Corny pitch those matches. I even go there ladies and gentlemen. We appreciate you tuning in this week. 'cause we tried to pay homage and do Justice Bao one of my all time favorite performers. Think one of the unsung heroes of professional wrestling SHERRI MARTEL. A true trailblazer In an industry where everybody claims to be the first. I think Sherry stands alone. I think she was absolutely phenomenal as the first female he'll manager and wwe. And I'm glad she got to be honored at the hall of fame before it was too late. You know when she was still with us today. Certainly she would have the ability to contribute. I mean she would not been an old lady today. I mean she died at just forty nine years old a real shame. And there's lots of fun photos out there for us to remember her by as a famous photo of her and WanNa ric flair's robes and famous photo of her. The undertaker were in there in full. Gimmick just really one of the all time greats universally respected by the boys to an industry where it's a a male dominated industry by far. I've never mental old timer. Who had anything great things to say about Sherri Martel and that's really a testament because that's not always the case. This is the business where a lot of guys can't wait to each other. That was not the rap on Sherri Martel wasn't absolutely not. She was a extremely again extremely great talent and she was well liked so she was able to perform and she wasn't an asshole in the back. I think she went out of her way to get along and making work with everyone. You're making it work right now with your health insurance. And we hope that you're not overpaying but unfortunately and historically and even rather ironically health conscious of overpaid and subsidize those who are self conscious mess not a conspiracy. Theory is just how life insurance works until health. Iq health like he was going to use both science and data to secure lower rates for people..

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