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The people you pick stuff up for yourself i guarantee it every time yes i know there is not a time that i don't there was not like if i go shopping at christmas times the worst i spent so much money but most of it as i myself most shocking i know i do it every single time i birthdays this week of i know you set it three times in the last forty seven minutes oh well happy birthday me it's not today though stop it is usually a stop this is usually the time that i go on by myself my game other carbon oris car really do largely i've seen you do it what i mean it might be moped time i have one but it's currently playing for stuff than what are you talking about you pay for now but you you know you're one of those guys like what the coffee in the milk here in this you figured out the bit it just charges nobody let's recharge anything if you can write a check yeah you know something that was the great part about being my age and you know in the '80s '90s in early 2000s when they let you right of does the best what a great scam that was can is still do the holds goals gamla guys do all the time roland i dunno year see your lights are ready to get shut off and he said hey i'm sending a cheque now no you know how why was everything they could take right out of europe bank account immediately they don't want that's why when you go to a store and you write a check what they do is it going to run the numbers and make sure the money's there and take it right out so they have the stupid check into anything i did that with furniture and tell you the story that i've of moving into a new place years ago bought one for no reason that somebody else renting apartments by a house i went to the furniture company bought a lot of stuff bedrooms set everthing bureaus in the complete bedrooms but i didn't have a nickel.

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