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Me the two best gifts in life i have my boys and i have my job because he has his dream was to be a police officer he was hired as an officer trainee in march twenty seventeen he was nearly done with his training day he was killed the casket carried away by officers with the pomona police department but casillas had friends in law enforcement from all over the area his passing a reminder to them and the public of the dangers that come with protecting and serving a remember we made a pact in your kademi but somehow some way we find a way to work together again in the future i still haven't forgotten that tax he hasn't either i know he'll be with me on the streets will be with me when i'm in a time of need but i need to make a decision you'll be my guardian angel for the rest of my career casillas is survived by his wife and his two young boys in pomona i'm darshan phillips abc seven eyewitness news well here's how how generous and how much people wanted to help officer casillas casillas here the memorial bracelets that were they were given out to anybody who donated to the gofundme site quickly disappeared and they reach their gold they said we're no longer accepting donations for the memorial bracelets thank you for your overwhelming lead generous support if he wished to donate please donate directly to the greg gregory j casillas memorial fund administered by the california highway patrol credit union bracelets will not be provided but all the funds will be forwarded to the casillas casillas family and so that is that's great news they wanted to raise ten thousand dollars and literally in seven short days they reached that goal and it's eleven thousand eight hundred and.

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