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I mean, they're they're they're long, but they're a very fast read, and sorta kinda are able to get into the into the moment, and they're just a good way to talk about an event, you know, having all the people who participated in that event share their memories and making sure that, you know, one thought flows into the next one quote flows into the next, and I've always felt like, you know, this this game, which is so electric so memorable. And so kind of raw with emotion from from start to finish. And it also had a great back story in what happened in the preseason between those two include that too because I had forgotten about the preseason game. And when you started the story with a forty Niners having. Oh, that's right. Greg Williams is a dick like, yeah. I remember at the time thinking, it was a Greg Williams thing. And of course, bountygate happened, and I put that in that area. And then to find out that, oh, you know, what it was actually Sean Payton that that's okay, Jim Harbaugh doesn't wanna take my call and find Greg Williams, do whatever you want. And that was hit the quarterback. It was it was an interesting little reminder. Well, yeah, I mean, and that that tells you everything you need to know about how Jim Harbaugh was perceived entering league. I mean, they knew that he was going to be kind of prickly. And you know, they're very Jim horrible like. Personality type, but they wanted to they wanted to kind of, you know, rub his nose in it. You know, say this isn't San Diego anymore. This is in the Pac twelve this is the NFL. This is how we do things. And and they did I mean they really beat up on that team during that game. So yeah. And they did not think that you know, forty Niners team that had been eight the year before very good new coach lockout ear. There's no way that we're going to you know, pay the piper on this later in the season. And lo and behold, that's exactly what happened now. How long did it take to interview everyone because I mean, it's sprawling? I'm sure you went back into the the old phone contacts at Snyder Jim Harbaugh triplet. You know, you've got even a good old goody Goodwin. Great center for the forty Niners for a few years Streep. I mean, it you interviewed a lot of people holiday take to to get all those interviews completed a long time. I mean, I started this. I knew that I want I suspected that the saints. We're going to be in the play offs. And I thought to myself wouldn't it be great to run at the same weekend that divisional playoff weekend as as that game. So I started in mid-november Joe Staley was the first interview and I sat down with him. He was the only sit down interview. And you know, his was if not the best interview one of the top two. So I mean. I included maybe one twenty fifth of all the interviews that I did. But his was the best. It was like a half hour. He was profane and descriptive. As he always is. So he was really good. So once once that was done, I knew that was going to be good because you know, that that was already the basis already sort of was able to kind of weave together the outline of it through what he told me. And so it was just a matter of getting as many as I could. And you know, I I had, you know, Alex Smith all all, you know, ready to do. This is my big regret of the story. I wanted Alex Smith was one of the must have guy. Yeah. He's he's one. You know, when I went, and I was like, okay. I gotta get Joe Staley gotta get Dante Witter, and I've gotta get gotta get Vernon Davis. And I've gotta get Alex Smith Alex Smith at the end of right after the Vernon Davis touchdown at the end. There's only nine seconds left. He does something. I've. Never seen him do which is go up to an opponent, and basically talks MAC, and he did it to Jonathan Vilma..

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