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It had really been wiped away the US had gone a long way over the course of about one hundred years eighteen sixty to nineteen seventies to wipe away the sins of slavery, and the du jour inequalities and discriminations that were wrought by those systems, and there wasn't really a white racial consciousness. And there were there were some fringe writers who actually called for one. They said we need a white racial consciousness and people said, no absolutely not we reject identity politics, but then the left has forced a white racial identity, which is which is unfortunate because by embracing identity. Politics as their means of ascent as their means of consolidating political power on the left. They have forced a white racial identity. It only only makes sense if you're going to try to say that we have what is it a coalition of the ascendant? You've got all of these people in your explicitly appealing to their skin color or to their ethnic heritage or whatever. And you're uniting them by saying that there's a common enemy in what? Now, we jokingly refer to as the straight white male two straight white sister, gender male, the straight white, which is an absurd term that. I try not to use this straight white male who thinks that he's a male or whatever if that is the personification of evil, then you're going to create an identity around those groups, you you've done it. The left has done it. We didn't do it. We didn't paint. This guy is the worst guy on earth or that color or this woman, or this gender, whatever we didn't paint that as the personification of evil, but the left in order to assemble their identity politics coalition had to do that. And. As a result, you see a white racial consciousness or remain male sexual consciousness. I don't know. It's pretty stupid. It isn't good. When the left does. It isn't good when the right doesn't but the left is going to make it inevitable. The left is going to force this to be inevitable, and that is a really ugly and blame lies there. So if we're going to stop identity politics, which I strongly encourage everybody's got to do it, otherwise, otherwise, it's simply going to grow. It is only going to fester. It's only going to get worse and it is zero sum game. It is truly gutter politics, and they're going to keep it up. I mean, you know, talk about the Bernie, bro guy. We're not talking about the were Bernie, bro as the main. We've got one shot up. The congressional baseball game. We're not talking about that is the mainstream of the Democratic Party. But the New York Times is in the New York Times just last week published assassination porn published this novel. Alleged novelist. I've never read any of her works. Obviously Zoe sharp who wrote a whole piece fantasizing about the secret service, assassinating Donald Trump. That wasn't published on gab that wasn't published on some fringe social media wacky board that was published in the New York Times, and that is a huge distinction. There isn't a moral equivalency here. And you've got to be able to do it it requires moral clarity. I know that it is insane to suggest that Donald Trump playboy for thirty years, you know, tabloid legend somehow has some moral clarity here. But he does when you see an active like the shooting of that synagogue. You've got to kill that guy by the arm of the state because of Justice Justice demands, many kinds of Justice demand that when you see these heinous identity, politics and ideologies that come from that you've got to call it out for what it is. And you've got to reject it. You've got to reject it full-throatedly wholeheartedly not just for one guy. Why not just for one group? But for everybody, you know, in speaking of the fringes versus the mainstream Barack Obama he's out on the campaign trail again. And he is perfectly identifying this distinction because he is out there calling Donald Trump a shameless liar. He is. When I'm talking to Michelle..

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