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Better worse when it comes to relationship by other things. I know mark watts On and him on the show. I said you know. What would you do differently. If you could rewind the clock i give up fucking paralyzing. He was very adamant yeah. They've added that that that's what he would have done differently. But if you're you're any kind of scale and between those two extremes dot off malaka that identity couldn't couldn't and did intimacy that worries me sometimes because a few instance snacks so had friends at a not doing so. I will because it means naxos It does worry me what would take. What would it take the major. Stop this sport and that's a war. Exhort is probably the thing that cycle of the taunton bone a healthy step back from the edge. Unnecessary risk couldn't couldn't imagine that why by warfare often says i'm getting the trump get you get in the car. Gone up the hill. Unity gonna get you fight off the ground yesterday. I think she She's to but signs that it had an accent got got Laughlin body issues. We we that back. Say it's is caused on a and she's she's lovely woman she standing. She knows we didn't chase what's that in you know. Sometimes she's saddened. She hasn't phony celtic. There's other things in life. They're really awesome do you. This is an impossible question. Aches question but we're kind of on this theme why you can't answer a little bit there but i'm make things even harder about it. Why do you fly it you could you. Could you put it in. Can you articulate that. I guess it's changed over the years l. Yes.

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