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Rhode stops subway in your saw because what are you weigh drib begona water and don't don't go to the restroom what happens you gained eight pounds your miserable you're gonna explode but euguinea pals you know he pounds fatter were you way there you go all right what everybody's to feel better about that stopped wang yourselves people get off that scale and start eaten more yes all right i don't know what i'm talking about i'm just senator so some good thanks so much for joining us you got to come back anytime look forward to that that be good yet right we are going to take our first break up next will explore the latest advances in strength training and conditioning thank you costa glenn two fires and when we come back from the science the hoping toll for from the miami dolphins zone do not go go ooh hey have you listen to startalk allstars yet well you need to check it out it's the science podcast where are startalk experts like bill nye the science guy dr charles lu dr emily rice doctrine natalie starkey dr sommer ask dr david grins boom all take the helm of the show and bring their expertise as they talked to other scientists about all the fascinating topics we like to cover here on startalk there are always joined by a comedian sometimes it's even chuck nice he's my second favorite if you're not listening you don't know what you're missing so go ahead and find out catch startalk allstars wherever you listen to your podcast including i tunes podcast google play music soundcloud stitcher and two men or go to start talk radio dot net.

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