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Harris, Seattle City Hall, Seattle discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


Harris live at Seattle city hall where a group of at least a thousand people have spent about the last thirty or forty minutes developed as they continue their protest March over the death of George flowing through downtown Seattle this group has maintained their peacefulness and they're being corralled in a way by Seattle police officers the bicycle officers are keeping certain intersections close but so far everything is common working expect this group to start moving again soon I'm C. Romero Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan imposes another curfew tonight for a series of demonstrations planned again in Seattle Durkan says the curfew will start at six PM and last until five AM Tuesday she says the city can't take the chance that a few bent on chaos will not try to disrupt more peaceful protests I'm Jeff Pohjola governor Inslee addressed a weekend of violence in a speech to the state filings and destruction has no place in this is not productive it is not constitutionally protected he said while he sympathizes with the protesters over the death of George Floyd rioting and looting will not be tolerated and those who do so will be brought to justice I'm Charlie harder outside the outlet collection mall in Auburn one of the many spots over run by a huge group of criminals who had shot from Bellevue all the way down here I spoke to a woman outside south center who says police were overwhelmed I.

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