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His role was a strong as any bloody sock game or big unit, and Schilling did. For Bob Brenly in Arizona saw. I just think it's a different debate there because most of the time they don't really bring postseason and I've argued the postseason is just as important. More important way more important than the regular season. Now, all of a sudden for Schilling You know, he's getting all of these accolades for postseason. They finally got Jack Morrison. So the point is, I just I don't want to hear the three of them all together. Bonds and Clemens are in a different category. Because the P E. D Allegations. I mean, nothing's been proven with them, but we all have our own suspicions with the shilling. It's what he's done since he's retired. What he did as a player when he retired is a man and also I just don't because the body you work there to put Curt Schilling in the Hall of Fame over By the blue Dave Stewart. But I could go on and on where I could make arguments that those guys postseason rivals shilling and certainly begin the conversation where you just can't put shilling in the same conversation with bonds of claimants. And into me, like you said Shilling. Shilling is a totally different case because I think if he had played the game as as we've talked about many times, others have and not only baseball, but in the other sports. And sometimes the business game that you have to play. I think he'd be in but due to his politics, and some of the things he's done, said people least pissed off. He's not in the Hall of Fame because he's 16 votes short Now, obviously, bonds and Clemens or in a different situation, and people vote won't vote for them for different reasons. But I don't know how you overcome that the human element to the whole thing because people don't like him personally, clearly because I think he's a Hall of Famer as a baseball player, and I've always thought That that's what it should be about, but clearly see. My point is, I don't I don't necessarily agree that he is the whole thing. I think that's a borderline debate. He went 216 games and he pitched in a time when You know, he took the ball 35 times a year every year and he threw 282 268 2 3rd 1 year 2 56. I mean, it wasn't like you were going with openers and You know he couldn't go through. The lineup is second or third time. Curt Schilling had a number of complete games and 83 complete games so that the won lost record is more applicable with him. Bumgarner and influence It came in the modern player today. Devalued by that and you know, going back to, you know, Vita pitching out of the bullpen in the world, serious with the A's would fight. It did obviously, his career, you know, winning a Cy Young head of American leg MVP in the same year. Something shilling. You know, it's just shilling ever win a Cy Young in his career. He never won a single one. He finished second three different times and VP voting. The highest he ever got was number 10. So I'm not making the argument based on what he's done off. I think that is, you know you would hold your vote after what he said about January the sixth and everything, he said. Since if you chose to My bone of contention. I don't necessarily think that Curt Schilling's on field accomplishment is worthy of the Hall of Fame and certainly don't lump him in with Barry Bonds and Roger Clements. Not the same conversation, sir. And again. Look if people did if he fell, 16 votes short. Because people didn't think as a baseball player. He deserved to be in the Hall of Fame, then that's fine and whether you agree with it, and I'd certainly don't but I wouldn't take into consideration his political views and some of the things, he said. Because I just don't think the relevant where is bonds and Clemens that was related to baseball. Look, I wouldn't want to hang out with Schilling and he's not a good guy, but there's a lot of guys like that in the Hall of Fame. So where do you draw the line? I think you 16 votes short because people don't like him, but I could be wrong. Well, I mean, look out. Look at Stewart's career Look, Vita blues career compared to him and tell me why he gets in and those guys don't get in. Would you think, though, that when a guy like that gets in, then it could open the door for a stew, because clearly shilling would get in. Based on the fact that he played for a very high profile organization and the Red Sox, the bloody sock all those different things that come to mind the people, whereas if you're playing for the twins or somebody else he's not getting in. He gets in because Stu's overall body of work is not there as far as the won lost record, But Dave Stewart was a big game pitcher, whether it was the American League Championship Syriza with the A's or the Toronto Blue Jays, looking his world serious record. As a World Series M V P but the body you worked. I don't I don't. I don't actually think stew should be in to be honest with you. But if you're gonna put shilling in, based on his postseason accomplishments than I think stew Has to be revisited. Obviously, he's no longer eligible as far as the 10 year. I don't know where he would be beyond that. But I also think another thing you've got to be concerned about. With the writers if if he does get voted in Curt Schilling, despite what he said about the writers, you know, yesterday after he was he came so close, and the bonds hasn't said a peeper Clements hasn't said a peep. Do you want to give him that stage on the Hall of Fame Sunday to give a speech that he may give That may have Ah, tremendous reaction in this country. So that's a defector, I think, And I think words do matter. We've learned that and what he's done with his words does matter to me, but my main bone of contention is his overall body of work. I'm not saying he's not a Hall of Famer, but I'm saying he's a borderline case. Don't say it. Schilling Bonds Clements Those guys Hadfield accomplishment is not even worthy of the Hall of Fame discussion. If you had a game among the Hall of Famers only Roger starting the game, and Vines is sitting third in the game, so and you know, Curt Schilling wouldn't be on the roster based on that, he said. Some big moments and the strikeout years I'm not saying he's not a worthy candidate. But it's not the same realm as very Vanja. Roger Clements give his thoughts text line is helping Foreign 5856 to 745 anyway can be our I've got it right in front of the best ones. Well, read on the air. We got a great guest list today. A little bit of thawing in baseball is for some signings local that impact the Giants and the A's will get into that. And we'll tell you about the guest list, which starts up a 10 30 on the hair on the SportsCenter. You were listening to Papa and Lund on both sides of the dialogue. KNBR 1045 FM and 6 80 A M. These sports were This traffic.

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