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Right the on Jerry Jones boat oh wow okay that must be tough yeah I'm I'm trying not to talk about Drouin Roger okay do you come tell me how to unused by phone I'm trying to call in a pic key I don't know how to DO I look I have a dial the phone since nineteen eighty six I have somebody do it for me so water six of six phone going at one what we would want to work it hello wait a minute the lan kids got two phones well I got sick so that's okay it's going to work out all right all it so so far you look the first thing I want to say is this the draft doesn't look that weird you know well you know you can not knowing what to expect here's your could get hacked in we're going to wind up seeing all kinds of craziness and I kind of get used to everything really quick and it's kind of just be in the NFL draft for the past couple of nights charting of the the choir sing you get in here and talk yeah it's an amazing thing well you know and it was really like it's just the giants meeting you're like a done this or conference call like I've been doing this stuff for years on like my fantasy baseball drafts I didn't think we got to the heart like what are your like today do you think that point this was impossible or something like that in these a modern technology yeah Jerry Jones has six phones are witnessed this time mom and you can communicate in this day and age it's an amazing thing you can like talking to computers in talking to a phone you can have like you have to be you know like you know the the cowboys bees can carry the message all the way to Roger your spamming watercraft madness I tell you what Jerry it is his team whether he's picked up phone two four six they've done a pretty good job thus far I mean you get CD lamb referenced him with the extra phone provider eggs and then you get a double Gallimore you get guys a girlfriend wasn't really good with the phone cream zero the Dallas some problems with this girl there might be a **** I love the fact her name is crimson rose she sounds like a DC super villains you know excel Wonder Woman is far crimson rose is going to be a natural or she might be working in other establishments yeah correct no man I'll tell you it's not you she G. data Trae young to before she dated CD last weekend this is going to go to a very bad place in her I was just trying to give the cowboys have love your perspective you know perspective on the whole thing yep this will this will not end well for any of us if I continued down this path so that let's go to this thing on a scale of one to ten with one being not at all and ten being incredibly so how pissed off is Aaron Rodgers thirty thirty five at least fifty six at least a year old hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy forty two and a half yeah this is not a good thing click here he he's gonna get back to Green Bay and like you can walk in and go you know Matt we have been talking to do we really do especially when Matt will floor after the Jordan love pick look give your than a guy who who had the head cheerleader said yes sold sort of a problem right like that that's how happy network who are was about taking short walks now there is a big issue you're welcome Jordan won't play yeah that's a concern your own normal but I don't think that you know based on what floor and bring good comes our reaction your appearance on a thirty short will prepare and they just drafted him help Josiah tight end out of Cincinnati our I mean really what you think just never quite well it doesn't matter it never matters yeah well you know Joe Montana go get Steve young but it didn't go well John Elway the draft Tommy Maddox that didn't go well the resources job you know researchers have the power point is don't end well for somebody in the whole mix right here Daniel Jones constructive utilize basically counting down the days until his retirement right it just goes and Neeraj the Breitbart immensely the people who drafted you they get their way especially on a team where there's no owner right but you know mark Murphy Thursday from the team but you're not really the owner of the team there isn't a single voice owner so in this case the head coach and general manager of the team and with the Packers have a lot more say about what happened and if they have the final say just like with your Ted Thompson when he took Rodgers and went head to head with a brick car rental incredible Kirsty what sort of are going to go well hello it's going to be an ugly divorce he's going to play the last three help help play I think he'll play this year and then because it's it's too difficult to try to move on this year and with what's going on the craziness from the truncated preseason all of it plus Jordan loves not ready to plant so I see your trunk you like that word huh you think I could use words like truncated digit wow then where are you playing Scrabble with your with your wife Hey I play I play words with friends and classic works all the time and I win a lot and I planned the extremely hard level still hot you've got a little bit like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman I'm I'm I'm going to do a lot of words I know were intentionally thanks a lot excellent the way I look at Aaron Rodgers now where parents face when you've got a mustache growing and never looked at that and the picture Frank Zappa yeah yeah lookalike if I don't want to go on the computer it is no you're right I have thrown Aaron Rodgers whose real father okay you for example right now sure okay yeah okay which explains the whole fascination with music all right sure it's totally right there sure I still sitting there in front of us the whole time all right to be Frank Zappa's got the big soul patch though you know he's got that that looks really cool well it doesn't really have more to do with that but that's a different way in the pictures and the pictures sorry for a minute while looking know what I'm saying it's put in the pictures I'm looking at because you said look at the picture so I look at the pictures in the not the sole straight on the whole thing yeah yes he's still with the pictures of the speaker ruby album that once I talk from from Green Bay to Philadelphia we in the same situation with Carson Wentz couple years if he doesn't it hurt I don't I think this is German hurt at least initially okay this was taken with the intention of we want to make sure we have a really good backup quarterback because they've they've always invested in that but that's been one of the facts and we wanna quarterback who we can do some different things where and if it happens to be that person doesn't get a whole lot better okay then wall while the speaker up to us but I don't think that they go in with this however former the plan up okay this is what we're going to do to get rid of course now I will say girls Carson Wentz reputation is he's not very good at handling having a backup quarterback who has a huge crowds okay it wasn't yeah he was friends with Nicole but I don't think I was comfortable with him in the cold after hold on the ball so this could get a little bit dicey because once was sort of we're you're out when we approach to things but I don't think that that's what the eagles are going in thinking the report pointed your finger going here thank okay we have an interest in backup quarterback here who can do some different things that we can probably use the different packages because of the lack of skills because we don't want went swimming like that anymore and and so but it's not a distinct point you don't do that background you do that you do that first round C. O. good why I have the one one big question I know Jason Smith you at you and I have been waiting for Jessica on this one I did bill Belichick finally pull back the curtain curtain on organizational brilliance for these twenty years by letting us see is dog and it's really been the dark given up if the whole street but those are the dog sitting in the chair was pure I was just reaching us okay and always reflect whether it was intentional or not right the fact that bell check when the when the first European there just doesn't care like okay all right you know what I was listening camel whatever look the doctor you know what you just want to and the other part that I love is you know if you guys have all these elaborate setups with bill o'brien two giant monitors and you know screen over here and you know those are put in my you know like in the dining room of the kitchen of the Nantucket house willing to laptops and cell phones well you the player I'm sort of the computer and it's nineteen seventy five yeah yeah you do have a strategy from the from nineteen seventy five yeah I'll you know I'll go to he doesn't care at all it just doesn't care at all about the pretense of all the other stuff that goes with like number one good thanks bye he I'll I'll guarantee you the dog speaks and the dog's been making all the draft picks for at least ten years well the dog actually Ernie Adams there were thank it was you know it's kind of a little thing as a minister at what was the kicking mule for kicking your **** Gus Gus likely next progression the threat and Gus the kicking mules right now you have Ernie Adams the the football the football savant darker everybody up when you least Seanergy arms no question America your there's but there's been these videos of them but those could be computer generated well that was what we thought the dog is going and what you're doing here if it won next time we get when we hear the walking to go earnings and the dog like you know you go to the oppressor when they get back to set ship docks name Ernie it's a bit of a last minute a little bit of a middle day just found out that all of these photos of Ernie Adams are actually a former president William Henry Harrison that have been supplied your article here look a little bit more resemblance to Woodrow Wilson everything like Frank Zappa but now come full circle yeah again you can follow him on Twitter at Jason Cole sixty two that is at J. circle sixty two talking about Woodrow Wilson.

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