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Here in D.C. as part of the annual Martin Luther King Jr. peace walk hundreds marched across the Frederick Douglas bridge in the name of voting rights The march across the Douglas bridge was led by Martin Luther King the third in his family Have passed laws to make it harder to vote this national but it's also local Voting rights is still a major issue because we don't have statehood Keith silver and Cameron Hughes both live here in D.C. many told me it was extra appropriate to have this march over a bridge named after Frederick Douglass One of the original civil rights legends This bridge symbolizes all that he stood for in terms of equality voting rights civil rights in this nation The symbolism of that is an awesome thing On the Douglas bridge John doeman WTP news 6 53 glow events regularly brings nightlife to echo stage and sound check in D.C. Now we hear from entertainment editor Jason freely it will host the first project glow festival at RFK stadium at the end of April I'm a native washingtonian and it's always been my dream to do a festival in D.C. proper President Pete calamus says you'll see top EDM artists on two stages We have above and beyond Alan walker Diplo grizz new guys like James height Joel Corey and John summit Club glow was founded in 1999 before building echo stage in 2012 and partnering with insomniac events in 2019 Recently was voted number one in the world by the readers of DJ magazine and were taken all the sounds that we bring to a stage at the soundcheck and we are bring them here to this amazing festival Find out more on debut dot com Jason for LAW news Next new money news Where are the unemployment rate is just 2% I'm Jeff label 6 54 Ready to break free D.C. Full gear 2022 cruise today with Norwegian and enjoy 70% off the second guest on all cruises to Alaska Europe and more.

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