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Missed. Absolutely. And you hit it right there. You know with the abundance of partnerships. I mean, look at look at the top look at you know, who own justify it was a partnership even with gun. It was a partnership there. And it's really become, you know, the the partnerships have really become a thing that I think have become the norm in are becoming kind of the the dominant player, even it's not even you know, you're. Seeing obviously among even the top end operations like a Windstar like China who you would think financial you're like, well, they don't need to partner with anybody. But they're, but it makes much financial sense for everybody involved. And and I remember talking with Mike Mike reportedly about this this year 'cause he he had kind of been resistant to kind of going down the avenue of of partnership, he, but he's the more he explored it, and the more that I could do it with people who I trust like it just made better sense, especially he's like at the sales like is it of you know, if we're all on the same force instead of three and fight in one of having to pay one million. We could combine forces and get the worse for five hundred thousand you know, how much better does that make for everybody else in the long run as far as verse reward factor? But you're definitely seeing the partnerships of the top four shit are becoming more and more of a dominant. If God bless him. He's the godfather of. This and his, you know, he's ten such tremendous influence, you know, you look at a clip store, or as you said, you know, or woman in the work that they've done with him. He's like, you know, it should it kinda cuts impact is is beyond any words that we could probably come up to pay come up with the paid tribute to him visiting with the leisure wins Hughes who is the new director communications with the NTR. A she'll begin that job January second leaving the blood horse. She's been there for the past couple of years. And now looking forward to the new chapter in her life and her racing career Alicia what does that job entail? What are you going to be doing with NTR? I said just kind of basically serving as the overall, you know, being harsh of the the public relations collecting in distribute, the the information and best practices and news ideas about for raping and in in the industry keeping public informed about, you know, urban raping and all of its Ventoux promotions and accomplishments and one thing that I'm really excited about. I feel like the NPR a they do, you know, they they do a lot of of really good work that I'm not sure everybody fully understand that. I mean, I I put myself in you know, there's some even when you know, like there's there's a lot of things are doing that. I think that the masses don't recognize how much impact or having how much work they are doing for the sake of the industry, and I'm really excited to kind of get in there, and the able to help put that more out there it into the forefront within the industry. I mean, just with the safety in in integrity, work alone. You know, just talk with them briefly. There's like there's like there's so many things are doing he never been here about so many things that they're trying to work on to to implement at the track that that you you don't even know about that every day. And I'm like, I'm like, wow, I'm like, I'm like guys got a show you your your work a little bit. You gotta you don't be afraid to your own horn could really really doing some good stuff there. And I think you know, if we can do that at a really help people get a better understanding. Of of what the end here is what the work they're doing. And how vital they are that they are within the industry a fellow media member. I feel like the made a tremendous choice and bring you on board in that position. And I really forward to. Yeah. I look forward to seeing what you can do in that role in the changes, you're going to be able to make the impact you're going to be able to have. I think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch and congratulations. Thank you Alicia win twos..

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