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The beltway right now it went out there looking for the accident scene hearing about one against the wall right at the split for the through and express lanes I'm Carlos Ramirez WT traffic All right so right now it is nice and warm here We have temperatures in the 50s like it's 52 in Frederick 58 in southeast D.C. at the navy yard all the way down to 60 in Fredericksburg That's going to change though Rain is going to move out as the morning goes on It's going to turn windy and eventually later on tonight temperatures are going to plummet and in fact a winter storm watch takes effect for parts of the area starting at 1 o'clock tomorrow morning Basically route 50 south So D.C. prince George's analytical counties fairfax Arlington county's all of those areas under a winter storm watch Fredericksburg I mentioned 60° right now That's kind of the sweet spot for this storm Everything between D.C. and Richmond looking at potentially three to 6 inches of snow on the eastern shore a winter storm watch runs from 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. tomorrow four to 6 inches possible there If you're in loud and or Montgomery counties Frederick county maybe you'll see some flurries but not too much to worry about there right now Otherwise it's again Everything between D.C. and Richmond from 1 a.m. till 1 p.m. tomorrow Stay with us This forecast has changed a lot in just the last few hours This is your source for today's top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO P never this a moment Good Sunday morning I'm John doeman Luke Garrett is our producer and coming.

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