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I try to burp up the taste a couple of times. I mean, if you think us madness, don't speak to each other in the liquor store, you should have seen us avoiding each other last night. I mean, for me, Bill Murray's life. And who doesn't like bacon, okay? I mean, they're both comforting. They trigger wonderful memories, and they both make you feel really, really good. Unless you're a vegan. And let's be honest, the only thing that breaks joy to a vegan is to be able to tell other people they're vegan, okay? That said that. Listen for his reviews, every Friday and get all his reviews at bob and cherry dot com. Instant access to the podcast podcast and fun side. Just download the free bob and sherry app. We got the best message from one of our listeners. You know, you can call the show 24/7 max just loves it when you do. At 8 four four 52 sherry, that's 8 four four 5 two. And you can also grab our app. It's free in Google Play in the App Store. You can do a couple of things with that. You can text us all day long if you want. And you can tap a little microphone in the center of the screen and talk in the Apple do the rest. I was just listening to you talk about divorce parties and what do women usually do with their old wedding rings and that sort of thing? I sold one, but I had a friend who had hers made in two a toe ring so that she could, in her mind, walk on him. That's all that was pretty funny. Wow. Why do people get married? You know, we hear these stories and we think, oh my goodness. Well, that'll never be me. I know. I know. I wonder if there's ever been a woman who's so pissed off about a divorce or a cheating husband that she bit down, took the pain and had his face tattooed on her foot. The bottom of her foot. So wherever she goes, she's walking on his face. I bet somebody has done that. After hearing the toe ring thing, it's just one step. It's one step. I would never do that, not because it would be wrong to walk on him. But because that's an awful lot of discomfort to go through and have an eye suffered enough. When he's done to you though, look what he's done to you. Just go through that pain, you have a lifetime of stepping on his face. We had a caller one time who said she took her wedding ring and had it in the shape of a bullet for a necklace because she put a bullet in that marriage. That's right, I remember that. I remember that, yeah. I can't believe we're talking about wedding rings 'cause I just went through when I visited my mom. Just a week or so ago, I can't even have lost track of the days. She was like, she wanted to talk about, you know, her end of life plans. And I was like, mom, oh my God, can we not? And she said, I'm 80 now. We have to talk about this. And she went and she's like, this was my first wedding ring. And I won't care me to have this because we share a birthday and a birthstone. And this is my second wedding ring, and I want Olivia. Ted gave her Ted K for more than one wedding ring. She was only married twice, but my late stepfather loved to give her presence. And so she has a couple of different rings. This is my second wedding ring, and that's for Olivia. And this is the last wedding ring that I had. And I want you to have this. And she's like, putting things in bags and I'm like, mom, you're scaring me, don't do this. Like, can we not, can you not pack up your house and give it to me? And she said something has happened. And my heart skipped a beat. Like, what is she about to tell me? Anyway, you know my mom is like a big church lady and stuff. And she's on all these committees where you help people anyway. One of the members of their ward had to go into the hospital and it got real serious and they ended up in ICU and then they had to go into a rehab hospital and I'm not really sure what all went on, but it was serious stuff. And so my mom and a group of other women at the church were asked if they would help make this person's home ready because they have to go in and build a wheelchair ramp and they have to put grab bars in the shower and all that, you know, like all that kind of stuff. So off my mom goes to help with this project. My mom lived, my mom is the most immaculate orderly OCD person you will ever ever meet in your life. I mean, it is compulsive, like clinical. This woman's house that she goes into, this woman hordes. Like she's never thrown a magazine away. She's never thrown an empty soup can away. That level of hoarding. My mom was so overwhelmed by it. They spent a week in this house. My mom was so overwhelmed by it. She said, I came home. And I emptied at least 25 to 30% of my belongings out of this house. And I'm looking around and I was like, not for nothing, but do you have a spoon for this tea? Because what did you give away? She gave away everything. Like she is down to survivor man level belongings. She can't take it. Like she just, she gets panicky at the thought of being surrounded by stuff. And the last thing she said to me when we left and pulled out of the driveway, she said, I have to go back over there tomorrow pray for me. Oh my God, what's karmic retribution is it to send my mom into a hoarder house, right? I know. I know it. You know, when I was working as a I was still on my teens, working as an exterminator, trying to sell the money to get into a college. I was sent to a house to spray for roaches, and I walked in and the house, the upstairs, had, I don't know how many, but thousands and thousands and thousands of newspapers. All stacked up throughout the upstairs of the house. I had to walk down an aisle, room to room, spraying for the bugs, and I looked around, and I didn't know what hoarding was. I mean, hoarding was not a thing until it got on bravo, as far as I'm concerned. But evidently, people have been suffering with the whole world. Yeah. I just thought it was the most bizarre thing and I walked out of there, and I told one of my coworkers, I said, you won't believe what I just saw. The entire upstairs of the house are an old newspapers. When the guy just shook his head, I don't know, and we left. But that's been going on for a long time. My mom is who you want for this job 'cause she's ruthlessly clean your house, but she's just like, she's got the shakes. So I'm surprised that I didn't come home with a couch tied to the top of the truck just to get it out of her house for. All right, coming up. A lack of sleep can make you into something you would not believe and it's not cranky and it's not nasty and it's not distracted it's worse. It's coming up. It's bob and chairs. At the bobbin sherry show, we've decided to make every day. And you can get in on the phone. Just submit a picture of your cat or you and your cat at our website. 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