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Rev grand prix at road, America. Check it off the bucket list. Get tickets at road, America dot com. Get fifty dollars back my mail Firestone visa prepaid card when you buy a set of four eligible ties up to one hundred dollars. When you make an eligible tires purchased with your sleep in credit card. Whatever you drive drive to be experts fest. One of the best one of Columbus. Defied the rug tire at the lowest price out to Kardashian. Everybody's vision. Be subject. To see if in the grand prix of Indianapolis has brought to you by the Indiana union construction industry. Twenty six eighty five. Deplete textiles are underway. Get updated road starting Brian Berea. Just a few moments ago Jack Harvey with a big turn of. Sticker reds players while hit Joe's noticeable attentively discussed rents in his Wayne coming down drizzle. Still no one really looking going towards retires get about rob out Felix Rosenquist pole-sitter curly running into fifth position even laid out there. They're gonna go to scuffed reds for Rosa team waiting for him to come down here on the penalty. Pole-sitter falling back in the fourth position. But again, they are gonna go for scuff reser. Now, he's not here yet guys when he gets now, I visit tickets bid out that includes a couple of Penske cars Simon passionate pitted about to lapse ago. We will power three time champion here of the IndyCar creek seven point five seconds cigarettes, willpower, David, you'll sit and wait in just a couple of you're going to see the wolf pack. Go to work. He just brought us start buddy slide that sixty mile per hour crawl a pit road. Dave there. He is talking about. Julius Scott Dixon. And that is the sound of Scott Dixon, five time champion teasing series..

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