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We received them in our soul and at the same time they empower us and give us a very different perspective on life and off the place that we actually live in it allows us to bomb the in a very intimate way With the heat are now on the place we live at this is these are the two pillars which I would probably prescribe to someone to. I might add now my personal question just to that because I think it fits what you just said given the actual situation that big parts of afterward la going through Edmund wishes being having to stay at home having to say basically the people you are normally surrounded by and etc etc even going out into nature is to a certain extent limited and thus cosmic noses and your lifestyle is East at giving us certain recipes or help in coping with that situation. Absolutely I mean I think it actually ties into what we just said as well because now people are literally confined to their homes. Now all so now they're living For the first time a lot of western now living in a situation where did not know what the next month will bring? Will the stores open again? We'll my job would be. It would be. Is it safe? Can I go to work again? Are All my plans that I made for the holidays? They GonNa come to pass and these are not even essential questions but for the first time in I think the last two generations at least people are confronted with An uncertain future. So they're they`re. They're linear logo centric type of planning and the life. According to goals that you set for the future is totally disrupted and that's why you can see a rise of anxiety nervousness stress. You know you would think Oh people. A lot of people are happy that they're just sit at home watch. Tv and have a good time because they don't have to work you know you can think they're actually going to be excited about it but that is the case there you know if somebody would tell them. Sit at home for four weeks five weeks and.

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