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Because he's obviously impersonating. I. It's not. It's not being used maliciously Radley. I was worried about the scene because I was thinking it's like, all right. Well, we're going to touch on it obviously but how are we going to talk about? It are to say you know listen it was a different time or it wasn't used in certain context or you how did we want to go about it like because it's I things where it's wrong it's wrong right? I will say this none of us are African. American. So if somebody is is offended by it I one hundred percent understand their offense but I think context is everything. Much in the same way Robert, Downey junior character in tropic thunder is in black face. It's I think this is kind of in that similar context. So the absurdness of this scene of David Cross in poor black face, you know they've kind of just gave him a once over with some sort of. Makeup to be trying to be pootie Tang when he's so clearly not. and. I also wonder I feel like it would've had to have been brought up at a table read or or just like running through the scene where I'm sure David Cross spoke to someone right like Chris Rock. Ranch lands, crowder who whomever I would imagine that he was asked Hey, is this okay like does anyone have any problems with this? I don't know if that's how it went but it that's how if you were going to do this, it's probably again I'm not gonNa say it should have been done. But like I guess that's the right way to go about it. You know what I'm saying like it's never to me it's never right but if since it was Maybe that's how it went down. Yeah. I mean I'm pretty sure Chris Rock was an executive producer on this on this Oh. Yeah. I think he was it's not that it's a different time. I. Don't want to say that it's but it was a different time in terms of what people allowed. Surrounded. You know. I it's tough to talk about it. I'm trying to say is that nineteen years ago people were pushing the envelope and comedy more than they are right now? Yes. It's a different time of being like, Oh, well, a different time like they didn't think they. You know there there was no offence taken because there was a different time or they just didn't care right it was I think black faces always had that connotation but at the same time as like two thousand and one. Almost on the this prep precipice of his chain in comedy were like comedy was becoming more. Edgy. And that doesn't make that doesn't make it right? It doesn't make it but I once again I'm going back to the the whole context is a thing here. It's not it's the whole that's the whole point right? It's supposed to be so absurd and so obvious that he's a white guy and exactly as it's not that he was it's not Mickey Rooney rang an Asian character more. You know even what's his name late night host Jimmy Kimmel playing Carl Carl Malone. That's supposed to be that's not being taken as what this is. Actually the jokes here is that quite obviously David, cross right pretending to be someone that he's not and part of that pretending to be someone that he's not is one of the worst attempts black-faced I've just in terms of execution. Isn't it crazy how everyone is everyone who's done? It has gotten nailed the I said Jimmy Kimmel Sarah Silverman has gotten ill with it, but David Cross has seemed to have gone under the radar with it. Is Pretty again..

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