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We might not be scoring, but hopefully more time than that. They're not scoring either. So we play point. I'm so I have an idea I wanted to address this year, you are very athletic. Big, man. You've got a good shot. You've had some issues from the free throw line this year. And I have a suggestion for how to fix it. It's called the have you heard of this. I have not heard of. Okay. So it's called the pimp grip, and it's very effective way of shooting free throws shoot the ball underhanded with two hands. It's super easy to master the ball hits the rim. Very very softly. So get a lot of friendly rules in there. I invented it. Again. It's called the pimp grip. That's the name of it. It's not called anything else. It's pretty cool. Okay. I tell you what I got a I appreciate you trying to help. And I can't imagine that I've been struggling and has been a lot of rainy days, but. I do see some sunshine coming, and I think I just gotta stick through the process that I've been doing and maybe I'll save temperate for after I'm done professionally. Does it bother you? Because I know I read like Greg guard says that you practice all the time. And I know the type of guy you are it's not like a lack of effort practice. It's just for some reason the free throws don't go in to is it something that really sticks in your crawl like really bothers you. Yeah. I'm I would say it's pretty demoralizing at times when especially like, you said, I you know, I put in a lot of work. It's not for lack of effort. I almost wish it was that way, there'd be an easier solution to fix it. But then you you feel really good going in the game. And then you miss one or two, and then it kind of spiraled downhill from there. But those are things that I'm definitely actively trying to fix mentally and physically, and, but yeah, I would say it does kinda eat a meal a little bit. Okay. I got an idea for you. So I've obviously I probably have not helped in that case. You did have the structure you missed eleven in a row, and it was a fantastic streak. But I probably shouldn't even mentioned it. So I'm going to reverse it. I'm gonna be all positive all the time on your free throws. And I need you to when you get to the free throw line just saying your head wet re right before you shoot just go wet, and it just like it will change everything if you just say your wet. It doesn't really matter. If you make it or not you just mentally thinking. Yo I'm wet right now. Right. Right. Okay. So so, yeah, you're going to be you're going to use our positively. Yeah. I'll mild it right before. I get the ball went. And if you see me do it on camera. You gotta give me a shout out on the next. Absolutely. Will the I swear to God. If you think in this if you get up the line, you're like yo big cat thinks I'm always wet from free throws like you'll and I'm gonna be tweeting to when you get to the free throw line in the big ten tournament. I'm like, yo even have I it's a new Ethan hat like we've started over we started fresh. You know, what's crazy? You probably you actually will not miss another free throw for the rest of the season. Isn't that wild? Yeah. That is pretty wild. I'm glad you could get that fixed right here on the podcast. For second. You missed you. You already missed your last free throw of the year. That's fucking crazy. Feels good to put that in the. Yeah. You're a hundred percent as far as I'm concerned saying wet at the free throw line. I'm ready for this. It is just because I think the crazy thing is you don't you see some guy shoot from the free throw line. And it's clear that their mechanics are off for, you know, they're they're basically putting their foot over line the Brown James not gonna name names, but you have like the fundamentally sound shot..

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