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But i'm also against unnecessary weight cutting. So if he's felt feels he's proven everything he's had two at one forty five and he has beaten many of the top featherweights. I have no problem with them. Not defending it I'm pretty critical of guys out. Defending of course conor mcgregor having to belts never defended it. That's something that's never sat well with me and a large portion of the fans so that's certainly would ding asia mckee's reputation to some But i think he's. I think he's right. I think one five probably better for him. If he doesn't need to drain himself why should he And i would love to see a tournament. I would love to see another tournament not sixteen man so not quite as long as the federal tournament. You go eight men so three and guarantee yourself at least three more. aj mckee feis believed the understanding. Is that With the champions by by by becoming champion he he owes belt or three fights either. Whether they'd wanna keep around they wanna keep them books and it's going to be five. You do the tournament you throw patricia. Pit bull and there as well. So you're kind of rolling the dice that you end up with a rematch. You want But if you don't get it hopefully it's mckee at least mckee makes it to the final and gets a you know it's kinda cements himself as the And faces whoever it is that takes the bill from pitt bull during the tournament. That's how about so. I love the idea of a tournament I'm a little bit cooler on an immediate rematch. I could see happening. It makes sense but for me if he said if i was in charge eight man tournament mckee and people again and cross our fingers that have been. I mean that makes so much sense but for me like i wanna see you want to see the next grand prix at one thirty five. But that's just may being selfish and you know thinking about what i would want but spencer. What do you think happens like do you grew. They like next grand prix. The jump right into it at one fifty five mckee pit bull right back into another ground pre or do you think they go a different direction with these guys. No i think you do the rematch at fifty five. Do it four to six months down the line you build to it you make it the headlining event of a headlining fight of a really big card. You build you build your own momentum to this you get some other title fights on their you close out the year in style with this fight that we all wanna see upa division we get the rematch but it's also a different championship. Fight and part of that is just. What else is there at lightweight right now. What's the appeal of patrizio. Pit bull fighting sydney outlaw. After he's coming off this fight against a jay mckee where everybody comes away from it wanting to see that rematch to put these two separate these guys even for one fight is crazy so to put a grand prix between them to me is is just wild thinking because it just stretches things out and as aka said you. Maybe don't end up with the fight that you want. Which then i mean that a very delatour thing to do. But don't you want everybody wants this fight and you're gonna maybe stick eighteen months in between where it's still a crap shoot and and you got to hope everything breaks right again like adjusted this time like we saw the best case scenario. The chances of best-case scenario happening again in another grand prix and in pre ware. Delatour doesn't have the kind of names that are really going to be super compelling like sure i would watch. Aj mckee against some of these veteran guys that they have in that division. But as it as interesting to me as as a rematch. Fifty five against pitt bull. Absolutely not to give me that fight but give me some time to build to it. Other big fights on that card have a year end. Blowout whether you do that in partnership with reisen and just have a monster show or you do it on your own and just build to some of these other championship fights. Think you have to run this back because it's the one fight again. The belly tor has that everyone is interested in. And so you can't just you can't take the risk that you don't get it somewhere down the line. You don't wanna see islam mamedov. Just knock out mckee like in the second round and just like ruined the whole thing. I didn't have. I mean i love chaos and from a leg. Just pure wildness the ridiculousness of ballatore sure. But if your ballot or you are you're driving forward. You're protecting these dudes in bubble. Wrap driving them to and from everything they do. It like a guarded transport system to get them to a rematch for the fifty. Five belt somewhere later this year in ak. Let's just throw this out there. Islam mamedov is not knocking anybody out. He's just taking down and laying on you for fifteen minutes and then getting a decision. He didn't deserve knocking off. I said knocking.

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