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And you'll see this right there on the front page a giant article about the survey talking about the public skepticism on these driverless cars and jamie let me move us over to another topic discussed this one before and it's it's very much in the news again and it's a very it's a horrible story but we have to deal with horrible stories and involves doctors we all know about dr larry nassar from michigan state university michigan state university just settled a giant lawsuit for half a billion dollars to compensate at least three hundred and thirty two women who were sexually abused by dr nassar while he was treating them for usa gymnastics and he just sexually assaulted and abuse hundreds and hundreds of women and that was horrible enough now here in los angeles we have at the university of southern california dr george tyndall l t y n d a l l he was basically the only gynocologist at the schools clinic for twenty seven or so years the school got many many many complaints about him sexually abusing sexually mistreating women including from the nurses who were there with him supervising and the university did nothing and jamie while this is another dr larry nassar kind of scandal and i i'm fearful that there'll be more and more schools and more places to me this is really a medical doctor supervision issue and maybe i'm crazy here but my fatherinlaw many many years ago was mistreated by dr francis and i made a complaint to the california medical board they just dismissed it out of hand and i knew from my work as a lawyer that the california medical boy they don't do anything surprise doctors doctors get away with literally murder routinely and jamie to me this dr george tyndall there should have been an ability by his victims to make complaint to the supervisory board of doctors and then the sue supervisory board would say we don't care where the us's ignoring this or not we're going to discipline this dr jamie and my crazy well you're right and the problem isn't something called peer review and it's part of a pattern and practice review where people who are politically connected get reviewed by their peers to depend upon them for referral and they usually get off scotfree and.

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