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Joy jolts tells us is how much turnover there is in the labor market and so that is quite rates hiring rates and open vacancies that employers are trying to fill unemployment is already low but wages aren't really growing so when bosses won't give raises and there are a ton of open jobs on the market people quit sometimes with enticement says andrew chamberlain chief economist at glass door skilled workers or having their telephones ring and its recruiters on the other end offering them positions and so that sort of poaching activity that shows up in the jolts report with more people quitting that's what happened to stephanie safari bassil in evanston illinois she's leaving her job as an academic adviser in higher ed for a twenty three percent pay bump to work in career services at another university i'll also be able to travel a little bit with us role which is exciting for me money was the big lor she has a new baby and child care costs are no joke but she says the overall economy also played roll i felt kind of comfortable thinking about a change because i felt confident that jobs were opening up in a different way and the latest jolts report revealed others or feeling that confidence as well in may three point six million people quit their jobs in washington i'm kimberly adams for marketplace now i have a fun new way for you to hear more about the quits rate it's our new alexa skill if you've got an echo or another alexa device just say alexa make me smart and you'll hear a little explainer from other me or cairo doll try it out and of course they play marketplace on any smart speaker.

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