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Put down like minecraft engines would be a great addition to that so as i look forward to the new expansions in trying to get into that. I think i'm going to give the console and see if that's something that will be kind of like the new home for mine craft dungeons for me As far as my original playthrough character goes. I'm stuck on the last boss of the first play through the arch thing I haven't returned that. Since the first couple so i think it just a matter of going back to that and neither starting level over again or just coming at it with a different set of either skills or trinkets or whatever happens to be And so i'm looking forward to trying that on the console. I i mean i don't have a lot to go off of other than just. The splash art that they've included in the minecraft dot net article for the hidden depths but looks cool. Like minecraft is microsoft. Engines is already very pretty game. And i can imagine with some of the cool game mechanics. I watched in the. What was the peaks. One the in the mountains because howling peaks gifts things like freezing into an ice cube or the vistas and the different depth. That they were able to to share underwater stuff. I'm not sure how they're gonna handle it. There is a character or to swimming in in this In in this screen art. So i don't know if that's just for immersion or whether you're actually going to get to swim in hidden depths i don't know i'm imagining a throwback like super mario to with all the swimming levels well two levels are always people's favourite part of any video game. We've heard that right. Yeah yeah. I mean they look. Wilders looking coralled skeleton that's all mossy. there's a looks like a trident king in in the art for the article like i. i'm. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do The squid helmet one of the main characters also looks really fun yes i think. They've adapted some of the stuff that's already in vanilla minecraft like the turtle. Shell helmet and stuff is in there. I think those are those are pretty cool looking but Yeah i'm i'm for this as well. I really enjoyed everything that they've done with mine craft dungeons since release. So i'm definitely looking forward to. I aim to play. If i have the time because obviously right now just very busy finishing up stuff in one point. Sixteen vanilla but Yeah i would encourage anybody who wants to get a sneak peek at dlc. To first of all if you go to the minecraft youtube channel the latest Ask moe jiang video was with the team so there is a little bit of sneaky footage in there from the ocean..

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