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Substances have been left unresolved from treated water at the crippled Phuc plant Cording to Kyodo news. The government TEPCO have faced the pressing need of dispose, disposing, such treated water now can tanks. One option is dumped into the sea. Of course it is tricky. Miss post, little risk to human health. The water does have tritium in it. If the plan goes through that water will be diluted lowering the levels of other radio, active materials before being discharged. But local fishermen and residents are worried about the water discharged, a government panel, debating how to deal with water has focused on the tritium not other radioactive substances. Like for example, I had I twenty one twenty nine a maximum sixty. Two becquerels per liter is. Found in the water far higher than the nine Becker legal limit that water filtered by the advanced liquid processing system parents. It's not advanced enough, not processing enough that's system is used to remove various types of radioactive materials. You'll be interested to know Ray I'd I'd I on one twenty nine has a half life of only fifteen point seventy million years stick around. TEPCO also detected a maximum ninety. Two becquerels of Rufina one. Oh six. That's shy. The legal limit of one hundred as well as fifty. Nine becquerels of techniques them ninety nine against the limit of thousand. Water has been injected as you know to keep the fuel in the damaged nuclear plants cool. But then the water becomes extremely toxic. Water is filtered tarred for tritium to be filtered trim refuses to be filtered around nine how much water because we're we're, we have all the water in the world, right? Nine hundred twenty thousand tonnes of tritium continue waters in some six hundred eighty tanks at Phuc TEPCO says it is not check the concentration of radioactive materials in each tank. You know, one tank you seen one tank you seen him all the government is examined examined multiple options to dispose of the tainted water, including the release of it into the sea, the atmosphere and the geographical layers come on guys, shoot it into space and be done with it. Mandatory steps to respond to possible terrorist attack. Other safety measures will cost eleven Japanese nuclear plant operators at least forty billion dollars because nucleus so cheap. That's according to an Esa. He Shimbun study the soaring outlays undermine a government claimed that nuclear energy will be the cheapest source of power in twenty thirty costs will increase year by year operators are obliged to strengthen their facilities to withstand a terrorist attack within five years of clearing more stringent regulations that were imposed by the regulators following Phuc regulations, limiting whether you can restart your plan..

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