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News jackie amtrak every week and cheese never had a serious problem woking is thinking about this collision one last week in virginia members of congress on a train that heater truck makes me wonder why they're happening more and more often it doesn't ever really cross my mind would something could happen to me just because i go back and forth all the time sarein know that they're safe blender is getting a little word too all right now i'm a little nervous sets graz however there is no question about statistics travelling by train is a lot safer than the car garage we take every day roger stern ten wins in penn station wins news time four twenty four the white house wants to use the release of the nunez memo to undermine the mother investigation of russian meddling but some republicans are now pushing back even those who were involved in crafting that memo congressman trade county was also front and center during the benghazi investigation says the memo critical of the fbi does not undermine the special counsel's work there is a russia investigation without a dossier so to the extent that memo deals with the dossier the pfizer process the dossier has nothing to do with the meeting a trump tower gaby till cbs's face the nation he doesn't they gay surveillance warrant on trump campaign advisor carter page wooden okayed without the socalled dossier but he thinks the mental that he helped craft has no bearing on the overall russia investigation though some of the dossier compiled by a former british spy first paid for by republicans then democrats has some unverified claims others had been confirmed with high confidence by us intelligence such as russian president putin launching an operation helped donald trump and spread discord in the us the fbi found the two months before the dossier was written a trump campaign adviser george pompidou topless was told by a russian national that the russian.

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