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Area Alexander Johnson and just announce gives you a lot of time to sit there and try out guys you want to try out you might not have otherwise done that normalize game plan so that you can get a lot of tape on guys that you want to take a look at I think it's a good thing said Josie done I'm obviously with you they the the final score doesn't matter everything but the final score matters in this game and you already know who what Josie is and your guy so sit him get Alexander Johnson there get those guys a rescue Shabir the wraps if you want to you want to experiment with Justin Holland said that inside backer position little bit experiment with him that's how you treat these preseason games I know the fans don't like paying full price to come out see meaningless games I get that and that part of it is probably something that they should all look into but coaches scouts players they love it is extra wraps chance to shine a chance to win a job it's extracted so it may is make a break for some these guys going over the top of the hour are in a fell insider Ian Rapoport is going to join us we have a lot of things to talk to him about including Tom Brady's contracted you see today that there something some kind of language where they're obviously not gonna franchise or transition tag and even as he put it for a second he could end up being a free agent fourteen could actually make a call yeah that's been the standard thing on him since doctor last five or six yeah it's not gonna go anywhere is been fired last five six years with Tom Brady as far as I can stuff goes he just wants basically to do a year to year thing it is the winds down his career we'll hear from Vic Fangio after practicing Mike Klis will join us a little later on the program but coming up next Kareem Jackson on his big day out there on the field to pick sixes will talk to me about it coming up next right there was Benjamin Albright this is Broncos country tonight until we newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one.

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