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Person executing her estate and the direct air he's just going to get everything and so to me this was just clearly you know because when you're filing all that paperwork they're like where's her well and he's like uh i know we said there was a will but it turns out his dead daughter stole it a and he had deliciously discussing we shady ray and par for the course for our friend prints on on halt anyway so he's going to walk away and i was trolling his facebook page he is obsessed with celebrity in fact he most recently posted he was at an event where sharon stone was and he posted a photograph of his vip parking pass to park next to sharon stone and then made a post saying not only when you get a parking pass that vip and you get to park next to sharon stone you also get the fit next the sharon stone and then you can talk to her all night then he's got pictures of him and sharon stone how does sharon stone look in these photos like who were you again remember he used to fill up billboards on sunset boulevard in west hollywood honoring sia's birthday every year not like that she even had the ability to acknowledge these it was totally for him like the part they parties like parking next to sharon stone in the vip area of yeah lau now change zoo barrichello he's may shady developed for the day interesting my i also have a shady de bag of the day okay and that will be actor jesse williams kfc williams had eliminated is he used to star in graz anatomy art that's why i don't know yeah well he's not super familiar with people i know i his face recognize and he's not a household name let's just say that said jesse williams former actor and graves anatomy well he and minka kelly have just gone public ooh their officially going public they got married or the ongoing they're just dating right now the reason i am calling out jesse williams as being ninety bag of the day.

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