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And then after a couple of minutes so that the transition that into what we felt would be more you the drumming intervention if you will Zacks and after the drunk driving began would lead into the actual verbal guided meditation listen to the gentle drumming yes that helps guide Q. twelve relax staying and then the turntable began the intention for this journey is to remember thank you you are connected to a faulty unconditional love caring the support and the conference surrounds you there is something called work life surrounding you you are proud to safely securely and that's called lying so this takes them from that act the chaotic noisy environment at the hands of care unit into this space peaceful place which is a common approach and guided imagery for example and then at the end after the guided journey hi it allows them to transition all while maintaining the drumming to keep them interested state of awareness a comfortable state most people find the drumming is stronger narrowly relaxing and peaceful and then transitions back into the bird songs which stand straight out after several minutes and leave them back in the intensive care unit setting which is their reality Jan also reminded us of research showing that drumming actually in trains the brain to move from the beta to an alpha to a faded state were the most healing can actually be achieved the guided journeys now up on YouTube and it's already had hundreds of visits from not only doctors and nurses and healthcare professionals in the U. S. but also from Europe including Italy which of course is having a horrendous experience with covert nineteen well Jeff and Dr Stein horn have collaborated before on ways to incorporate a spiritual perspective into medicine in fact we did a story titled shamans in the I see you five years ago when Dr Stein horn was a pediatric critical care physician at the UC Davis hospital in Sacramento this latest project actually resulted from their connection to the pre eminent integrative health program in the country Dr Andrew Weil center for integrative medicine at the university of Arizona they were scheduled to teach a show monic dream workshop there but it was canceled because of the pandemic so in a follow up phone conversation with the director one of the programs there the concept of a recorded show monic guided journey arose and Jenna and doctor styling decided to create one well if you'd like to hear and see the result because it includes beautiful nature images it's available now on YouTube so you can go to YouTube and you'll find it by searching on guided journey for the isolated and covert patience that's guided journey for the isolated and cold and patience you can also find a link to it on the website of the the Dow center for healing in Sacramento that's Dallas spelled T. A. O. F. T. like Tom T. A. O. and we'll put it up on arm healing because post in soundcloud and we'll post it on Facebook and Twitter also but it's the Dow healing center in saccharine Sacramento you know even if you don't have somebody in your world who seriously ill with covert nineteen I I so hope you don't I think the guided journey that Jenna and doctor Steinhart have created is well worth listening to and looking at I mean it's certainly lifted my spirits you know very very gentle and wonderful way yeah I did the same thing for me when I listen to it and I think that you know it was created for the patients and the practitioners that are going to be letting them actually hear this and and listen to it and and ministering to them and I've been lucky enough to have had several Zamani journeys and many of them with Janna it is really a very profound experience it at the very least it takes you to this very deep deep relaxed place and I usually come back with information and parts of myself that you know I might have forgotten about so I I think anybody that's going to be listening to this and all right you know you really feel for the health care providers and you hear them on TV talking about how difficult this is so for them to have something that they get to listen to as well it'll help calm them down and will certainly make the family members feel better something that what a gift so all of us in and how wonderful that they created this for for all of us so you're definitely gonna want to check this out up next on our show Michelle Bernhardt with the astrological outlook for may and don't forget podcast of this and other healing questions are available on our website healing quest dot TV and please follow us on Facebook Instagram and Twitter the feeling quest I'm walking and I'm Judy Brooks and you're listening to healing fast on I heart radio the crisis brought you in part by clear like infrared there the makers of jacuzzi saunas whose infrared healing technology penetrates deep to increase blood flow reduce stress and detox naturally jacuzzi saunas radiant heat boost the immune system removes impurities supports weight loss.

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