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It's like you either make it as this celebrity on the internet or you are nothing. No. Agreed. And we had some sort of survey recently. I remember where it had people who are eighteen and under what they wanted to be. I think actually there are people that were in ninth grader younger what they wanted to be. When they grow up, and it wasn't doctor lawyer nurse firefighter police officer, it was you to personality celebrity was one job to be every. So that's the culture we were growing up in now where everything is to be to be famous athlete. Unlikely that you can't go for it. But man, well, and she's wrong on so many. Yes. Oh, I can't go to school because I don't have money. Well, join the rest of the world. I mean, the the best part by someone not agree with this. But they're one of the best parts to me is that you can do something if you don't have the money to pay back interest. Yeah. Make something of yourself. And for her twenty years old, this her life is over because her interest ramping was disabled because I think she said and did was just for no reason, there's know investigate hugs comes into goes. I've done some research investigation into this. Jesse Taylor vlogger were like, okay, stop there. Thank you. Thanks. We asked you to get the audio not your commentary on it. So you don't Instagram? They don't just delete your think someone complains right said that the verify that you have she said bad things, you know, put, you know, racist or nasty things on. Yes, we get a lot of research about this five minutes ago and in that moment Katie shot lasers directly for. That one I don't get through with a list of things that are on his to do but had time to research this story. It wouldn't need it. Saturday show on seven five KC L..

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