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We are replacing four inch wide traffic stripe with six inch wide high visibility lane stripes. He says a lot of the old road stripes are fading. The repainting projects are scheduled to go into next year. A lawyer for three girls molested by officer in Irwindale, PD's explorer program, says four million dollar settlements been reached in a civil lawsuit. The abuse occurred between two thousand seven and twenty ten when the girls were between fourteen and seventeen the girls were assaulted in a police station and while riding along with officer Daniel camera. No, a new shark detector in Newport Beach, consents sharks approaching clever bully co-founder Craig Anderson says the system uses sonar and facial recognition. In like software to determine the swim patterns of underwater creatures sends that does that it sends automated Allitt's in this instance, to the loft gods that will give the sauce that like Haitian and the swimming direction of that animal. Newport Beach is trying out the system at the belbow appear for two months clever. Bowie covers about five hundred yards of the city's seven miles of beach. Hurricane Michael has landed in Florida and killed at least one person. Authorities say the man was killed at home. By a falling tree, Florida. Governor Rick Scott says the storm has also left much of the state's panhandle in the dark utilities are reporting more than one hundred ninety two thousand homes and businesses without power Scott says he has requested President Trump to issue. A major disaster declaration McCain Michael is the worst storm that the Florida panhandle has ever seen and one of the worst power storms to ever make landfall in the United States. Okay. Michael is category. One now with winds less than ninety miles an hour. As it moves into Alabama and Georgia, President Trump has pledged to make sure people in Florida affected by the storm get what they need to recover. We will spare no effort no expense no resource to help these great fellow citizens of ours. That are going through a tough time right now Trump made the comment during a rally in Erie Pennsylvania last night. He also said he plans to go to Florida shortly to visit communities devastated by the hurricane. The stock market has ended the day yesterday. Seeing read lots of it, the Dow NASDAQ and s&p five hundred all saw losses yesterday. The Dow fell about eight hundred thirty one points by the end of the trading day market strategist, Matt Miskin with John Hancock investments says the losses were driven by rising interest rates and a sell off of tech stocks, the technology sector in the United States in particular. Had been extremely strong insurance company. Shares dropped as hurricane Michael gathered strengthened came ashore in Florida and a flight from Florida to Ohio had to be delayed because of a woman's emotional support animal frontier airlines the woman who told airline officials. She was taken us support animal with her on the flight, but she didn't say it was a squirrel and rodents are not allowed to fly the airline says police were called when the woman refused to leave the plane. The flight took off about two hours later..

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