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Boston News radio. Alright, we're going a little longer in this story, and I thought we wouldn't. I'm glad people are interested in and we're talking about this. Horrific shooting in winter over the weekend, unprovoked. Guy steals a truck truck of a plumbing company. Smashes the truck into a building have no idea if the building was the target of the investigation is still ongoing jumps out of the truck barefoot barefooted with two guns. Shoots and kills, um to Black Americans, both of whom had served in the military. Ramona Cooper, a Air Force veteran, a staff sergeant in the Air Force, and David Greene, who also served in the military, But more important, well should say more important, but equally importantly, was a retired Massachusetts state police trooper. The assailant shot dead. Nathan Allen apparently walked past some white people and apparently chose his targets based upon race and the attorney, the district attorney of Suffolk County, Rachel Rollins, is quote on the global saying, saying that this individual Allen had some very disturbing beliefs. White supremacist beliefs regarding members of our Jewish population. As well as black individuals and two people lost their lives as a result of this She said that investigators have gotten some insight into his thinking from items he had written in the notebook. As recently as last week or so, if we're to believe the dates that he's written in the notebook Problem here is This is a bizarre story in many, many respects a bizarre story, but it is a story that needs to be investigated. Normally, in a situation like this, where there would be an investigation, prosecutors are very limited on what they can say. I want the district attorney to release everything they can about this guy so we can find out. Is he someone who kept his his thoughts and his intentions to himself, or did he share them with others? And if he did share them with others? How explicit was he? And if he was explicit, why did others not step forward? And let folks know that this was a time bomb Ticking time Bomb 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30. Beverly is in New Hampshire. Going to be followed here in a moment or so from Clark in Winthrop and Dennis in Weymouth, and the only lines are open the ladies line. 617931 10 30. This is a hateful, spiteful act. We have no idea why we need to know as as as a community. Why, In my in my opinion, let's go to Beverly is in New Hampshire. Hi, Beverly. Next on nights I go right ahead. I just want to go back to the lady who talked about testing kids and yes and I first of all, I'm a strong supporter of a C L u However, I still cringe sometimes that the things that they support But I can hear them screaming immediately about anything that was the set up like that. That but at the same time in order to be a plumber, you have to have the test. To be anything in this culture that we have in this country. Everybody has to be tested, and, um, it seems to me that what's wrong? I don't understand. I think she's right that There must be some way of testing. That wouldn't be any worse than the driver's test written test. Um, forward 1st 1st of may make sure that we understand she was talking about testing kids in school. I mean, she was talking about Take elementary school. Maybe I'm going further with that. I'm taking it a bit further that when you apply for of firearm license What's wrong with having someone take a simple mental health exam? Not not not an in depth and mental health, you know thing, but When you have to do that for everything else. I don't understand why people would be so upset about it, I suppose, because those are not so called rights to have Bear arms. I guess maybe that's what it is, but well, well, well, It's different numbers. A driver's license is a privilege privilege, Right? Okay, however, a constitutional right Is not a privilege. It's a right Uh, then there's that whole issue. A visitor. Is that our isn't it? Is it or what is that there isn't one Is it or isn't it a right Depending on how you read the Constitution. But that is how the U. S. Supreme Court interprets the Constitution. And I thinking, right? Pretty clear, uh, in my own view. And it's if There's no other I I exercise my first Amendment rights here and I use the first Amendment. That's my profession. Okay? Absolutely. And you should, But I mean the whole but so should should. I have to undergo a mental health screening every couple of years in order to maintain no, no, no, no, no, no. First of all the Constitution talks about The right to bear arms dinner, well regulated militia. I mean, we can get into the the details that will try try to convince the U. S. Supreme Court of that, and there's a There's a 240 year history, uh, in which they they have, but isn't I'm still thinking. There must be a simple way or a Maybe not simple as in the word, but people can be tested Not just for having guns, but I mean for violent tendencies. People don't always use how about if we start off with this. How about if we start off being a little tougher on people who enter the criminal justice system and we put we give People, fewer and fewer opportunities, uh, to to come in and out. The the revolving door of the courthouse last Monday night, agrees last Monday night. I had the mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts, on in the first hours. Name was Dominic's China and on Sunday a week ago last night they had a guy 43 years old, who was in the middle of the street in Springfield. Firing guns, pointing guns, um at police officers. He has been in and out of court on 20 to 25 occasions, and and he's out on the street in possession of guns. This now You know, that's there was a woman in the Midwest who Was called the police over and over and over and over and over about her husband. She was convinced he was going to kill kids, and he did, uh, And they just they totally ignored. Er, Yeah, I mean, they had She had all kinds of evidence. They wouldn't give her restraining more because they said they didn't have enough evidence. But there was plenty of evidence. In the meantime, he killed both of their Children. And, you know, I guess I don't. I have no answers. But it seems to me there should be somewhere not like that Tom Cruise movie with a pre criminals, I forget what they were golf. We can't predict what someone's going to do it right. Precisely. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, We should be good. Well, maybe in a society 200 years from now we will have that ability. I don't know that I want to live in that society at that point, because at that point, you know, have have have people out there reading your mind electronically, it said that gets pretty scary as well. Thank you so much for your call. Appreciate it very much. Okay. Thank you. Great night dentist from Weymouth Clark and went through. It will be up next got Joe and Lynn got room for you. We're going to take a quick break. Uh, will continue on this as long as there is interest in this topic. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30 Ladies line is 617931 10 30 have had a lot of women called us tonight. We invite you because I think probably Your sensibilities on this may be better than most men. So you were more than welcome to weigh in. Join us on Nightside. It's nightside with Dan Ray. Hey, Jim. Don't you BZ Boston's NewsRadio. With double the seasoned beef and a large drink all for $5. Taco Bell's Grande nachos truly deserves.

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