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South Korean officials and North Korea's official media say dictator, Kim Jong UN reaffirmed his commitment to a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. Only hours earlier South Korean delegation returned from talks with Kim during which they set up a summit for September eighteenth through twentieth. There are plans for president moon Jae in South Korea and Kim Jong and to meet again, it'd be their third meeting in mid September. Or so and what we're seeing is actually starting to worry State Department officials here these growing relations and warmer ties between the two Koreas ABC's Connor Finnegan, President Trump demanding the New York Times surrender to the government. At once is words at once the anonymous individual purportedly, a senior administration official, who authored an opinion tease. Writing of a resistance effort working diligently from within to impede the president's worst inclinations US capitol police report arresting seventy three individuals protesting during Senate confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh hearing continues on Thursday. Richard cantu. ABC news. Have you been lied to like to by Washington politicians and the Wall Street propaganda machine? Hi, I'm Inc magazine bestselling author Brett kitchen, and if you're over fifty five with an IRA or 4._0._1._K, I want to give you a free copy of my new book wealth beyond Wall Street because according to time magazine Wall Street's 4._0._1._K's have failed millions of Americans after losing thirty five percent in my IRA in the crash years ago. I said enough and since then I discovered a way to grow money potential, double digits, reduce taxes dramatically and also have my money protected when the next stock market crash hits when the next market crash hits you lose nothing..

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