Donald Trump, Roger Stone, Hillary Clinton discussed on Morning Meeting


One count. Of witness tampering. Again, they arrived before dawn there before six or just after six AM a dozen officers were told the FBI agent shouted FBI warrant. And you can see it all play out right here. This is just remarkable. It's just remarkable to watch what they call. That's an FBI open the door. And now they're about to say another warning. I want this is called, you know, the the grab shot midnight vernacular, and it is remarkable to watch this all unfold, you could see Roger still a little bit behind that door. And yes, scattered operating procedure for the show up heavily armed in riot gear like this. But they didn't do this for other people connected any investigation. So it is remarkable that they did this without warning without any indication is stones Laura's beforehand that this would happen. We don't know. Also, if they executed a search warrant on it as an just told us the reason they do that is because they fear that the person's going to be a flight risk. So they wanted to do it under the cover of darkness with surprise. Or they think that there is so much evidence evidence inside the room inside the house that they don't want to give anybody lead-time heads up to try to hide some of that evidence. So that's what we just watched this morning unfold. So what's so interesting about this is? That. The fact that they went there. First of all, if you get a chance to look at the video, they really does look like, they're, you know, paratroopers descending on some crazy. Heavily armed John Dillinger's. But I mean, I guess that's what they normally. Do. They spoke with CNN reporter later on who said that she actually interviewed Roger stone as late as last night. And he said he didn't think this was going to happen. So that's pretty crazy. That that basically as late as last night. He was saying he was talking to a CNN reporter and say, yeah, no, they're not going to arrest me. They're not gonna do anything yet. Of course this morning there. They are. And of course, everybody is saying that it is very much process charges depending on which side of the aisle, you're on they are either dismissing this or or sort of whipping up, but. Let's see the indictment basically says is that it doesn't say on the campaign who knew about stones says that. Stone sought emails from WikiLeaks that could damage Trump opponents while in coordination with senior Trump campaign officials, so this doesn't have anything to do with Russia. Another thing that a lot of people who are supporting Donald Trump will quickly point out that certainly talks about the pedestrian emails and his he is any sort of connection he had with WikiLeaks. It reads after the July twenty second 2016 release of stolen emails, a senior Trump campaign official was directed to contact stone about any additional releases and what other damaging information had. That this organization had regarding the Clinton campaign stone thereafter told the Trump campaign about potential future releases of damaging material. Now, it also I mean, it's got direct quotes where he says you're going to have. You know emails every day coming from a from Clinton's campaign from slash Clinton's. Lash her campaign officials now I mean, obviously, that's pretty much. What happened? It is interesting sort of the. The way people are looking back on this win win. They're talking about this specific situation. Of course, there is that huge news moment. And this was during I believe the democratic convention where Donald Trump said absolutely Russia. Gimme all the information. You have for it. And then there's also course. The connection that a lot of people are making this morning is I E mail dump came on the same day that Trump's Hollywood access tape broke, which was really Z most damaging tape. By far of anything that happened during that campaign. Now, I will say I was listening to somebody talk about this today, and they they sort of insinuated or they outright set that we d- Hillary Clinton campaign. Emails dropped that it like totally took the attention away from Trump's Hollywood access tape. And I'm sorry that is in so many ways not true at that point. We were all able to juggle multiple balls wral. I've never still huge. I would argue. No, I would actually argue that there that there wasn't all that much coverage of Hillary's Email. I'm agreeing with you. Where thing is is that the access Hollywood tape was just so huge that nobody was paying adults. And by then it'd be something like having the air conditioner on because it's been going on for years with Hillary. Okay. I get it. You know? So. Yep. And so, of course, journalists had gone through these were going through these emails and finding things they thought were interesting, but I can promise you that none of those made the front page. They didn't they got coverage. But they certainly did not in any way take away from the Hollywood accidents coverage now, regardless of whether it worked or not you could definitely argue that this was very obvious attempt to try and get coverage off of Trump, and that would be one hundred percent accurate in the fact that it didn't work doesn't mean that there wasn't an attempt to do this. And and the whole argument here is you know, that all of these forces or working together somehow to ensure that Trump got elected and one of those ways would be to try and distract from this terrible story about Donald Trump. We'll go on to say the FBI did execute a search warrant at his New York residence. And this is the site somebody who shares duplex with Roger stone's. So this is according to CNN. And. This is sort of the big key point October seven hundred sixteen after WikiLeaks released its first set of pedestrians emails. The prosecutors who arrested stone today say that he received a text message from an associate of the high ranking of the high-ranking Trump campaign official that said quote well done. Signaling that the Trump campaign was looped in on stones quest for dirt on Democrats. The associate. And the high ranking campaign official are not named in the complaint. Does the indictment describes how stone told a reporter that what a Saint Saint, Chad and the unreleased? Emails was good for the Trump campaign. And that's the weird thing. You know, a lot of this stuff, of course. Is stuff that he said in public right on our show. Yeah. Many times. Yeah. So. You're looking through this indictment for stuff. Maybe we didn't know before certainly he's arguing that. Yeah. Well, he wanted this to happen. He wasn't in collusion or connection with with Wiki leaks people, but that's sort of the smoking gun here is that certainly the communications not only between stone and potentially WikiLeaks people, but between stone and the Trump campaign saying. In particular that this damaging stuff is gonna come out. And then saying when it's gonna come out and how it's going to come out. And then you get communication from the Trump people saying, well, well done forgetting this out that indicates that certainly Trump's people knew more than they were letting on so that's sort of the big news out of this collusion conspiracy. Whatever it may be and this is not mind you with Russia. Right. This is with the Wiki leaks head. But then, you know, there are people who go on to suggest that certainly somehow WikiLeaks is has some sort of connection with Russia. There's nothing about that in this indictment. But I believe that is some of the suggestion. I wanted to play Sarah Sanders. I'm not sure if we have that basically she she went on to CNN to respond to this. And let's hear from her. First reaction is real simple. This has nothing to do with the president and certainly nothing to do with the White House. This is something that has to do solely with that individual. And not something that affects us here in this building nothing to do with the president on this show a couple of months ago, Corey Lewandowski who was one time campaign manager to then candidate Donald Trump used to tell me it would make him crazy when then candidate Trump would talk to Roger stone on the phone, and it would happen a lot. So there is a connection between Roger stone, and the now president of the United States, you would concede that look Roger stone's is somebody who's been a consultant for where dozens of Republican presidents and candidates and members of congress conversations between those individuals have nothing. To do with the fact of what these charges are about. And that's about whether or not he made false statements. We'll let the courts make that decision. I think are bigger question is if these if this is the standard will the same standards apply to people like Hillary Clinton, James Komi, Clapper, will we see the same people who we know of also made false statements will that same standard apply. That's a question that wanted to see what happens on that front. Did the president direct someone to contact Roger stone about stolen emails, John? I'm not an attorney. I haven't read through that. Even if I had I'm not going to be able to provide you some type of insider legal analysis what I can tell you is that the specific charges that have been brought against Mr. stone. Don't have anything to do with the president. If you want to get into. In this case, it's not the weeds. We only know if it had something to do with the president when we know whether it was in fact, then candidate Donald Trump who directed a senior Trump campaign official to contact Rogers. Don't do you know whether that individual was the president, I know that the charges are about whether or not he gave false statements, and that's on that individual that has nothing to do with the president those are the charges that they have brought against this individual when you wanna get into specific questions you'll have to talk to the president's outside counsel. So. Basically, you know, what else would they say really here, certainly? I was listening and you're gonna while Shattuck actually is the one who gets most upset by this probably. But I'm listening to Kunar as I'm driving in just to sorta hear what the what the line is here. What's what's the argument? What is the pushback, and certainly first of all he's arguing that CNN was that Muller called CNN and told them to be there, which I have issues with because Muller's just been so incommunicado basically from the beginning. And they actually had many interviews by the way with the with the reporter who's on the ground in Florida this morning at Roger stone's house. And what he said was that there was some activity with the grand jury in the courts that basically did not go unnoticed by the team and CNN that reports on Russia and reports on this Kalou. Asian reports on sort this ongoing investigation. And so they couldn't they saw that. And they were very interested and they figured. That this would. This would basically. Be something that they need to keep an eye on. So at any rate. I just thought that was that was sort of interesting note, and then he goes on and on about how dare you're definitely is no relation between what's happening with Roger stone and Donald Trump. I mean, I think when somebody says that the answer here is that indeed in the indictment. It says that a campaign official spoke with stone about this now, I guess again, you could argue it didn't say that Trump spoke with stone about this. But I'm sorry. Trump is responsible for what his campaign does hires these people, and he does indeed need to be responsible for what they do. It gets to a point where you go. So far. With this wasn't Trump. Who did it? I that it almost seems silly. It does strike me that Nixon didn't know that those fellows had been directed to go and break into Watergate, you know, he had no idea about that. But guess what it was still, you know, held responsible in the end. Of course, it was because he ended up whatever it is obstructing Justice Justice you, but. And certainly that seems like it could happen again. Here we always know that the Colorado crime. I mean, that's something that's always been explained, especially since Watergate and the other big takeaway from Watergate among many was what did the president known? When did he know it so win exactly did President Trump or candidate Trump know, what was going on? When did he know it we had a good relationship with Roger stone? I mean, they've had falling falling outs. At some point. In fact, when he decided to run in June of twenty fifteen Roger stone was going to be involved and quickly. He wasn't because he just you know, he knows that Donald Trump is a very difficult person to manage. How many times is he said that on the air with us that you know, no one's gonna tell Donald Trump went to say think so he kind of took a back seat. And I know his relationship with Corey Lewandowski was awful. I mean, it was just. Each other. So that wasn't gonna work out. And I think also that you you see this maybe over the top raid this morning. Yes. Which again sounds like something you see more from a mafioso or a John Dillinger pick anybody that killed a lot of people is that Roger stone throughout this entire process. He's still been ready willing and able to go on radio with US TV and talk about this really turns off a prosecutor. They would prefer the people aren't more in your face. Like Roger stone's been throughout this. If you're involved in this. I mean, the warriors will oftentimes tell you, whatever you do don't say anything just get out of the way Manafort did that right with Manafort was being. Being under investigation. He just kind of stayed on the line. Yes. Roger stone was like almost like John Gotti. Like, you know, hey. I am. So that when they finally get the goods on you they little bit further because. Nice. Yes. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I can see that. I can totally see that at any rate. We will sort of see how how this plays out throughout the day. If we could let's listen to FOX and friends reacting to this this morning. Boxers alert the last couple of minutes. We have just heard that Roger stone that man right there. Unofficial adviser to campaigner.

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