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The Tennessee Titans they've closed the gap they trailed by eleven for eighteen to go now but not football team up after that Daniel touchdown pass at the room thirty five I think you have to go over the on site here Kevin you need one on side of a chance to win this game and I do mean and here's the kick off by Joseph he'll put up a little chip shot it goes end over end of lands at the two accounts a straight up it'll be one by one to the new site the tender number one the twenty yard line in the Kansas City Chiefs will take over we got the three time out just to pretend to see pocket for twelve fourth quarter with Tony Boselli Kevin Harlan rerun the Grainger broadcast book and it's great to have the all decade of the ninety one chapel with us today Alan Granger help build virgin move our world click Grainger dot com for industrial supplies in safety products in time savings service ranger for the ones who get it done a little bit more dizzy with the change in a couple tight ends in the line up with their own nineteen yard line where they spotted a bowl under home first in Jenin W. one brown on the news side by what your the one doctor and they don't gain anything on the play they have a zero sum game George second down ten and the clock is stopped the four oh seven and what you're does a great job with the tackle polling William Donna brown and if your Danny Williams you have to be aware of the situation don't even get close to the sideline as soon as you see the game but it can go even if you lose your book in one room reserved for touchdowns in five of the last six positions at the nineteen to one one mon who's in the gun second down Jim shot guns that we give no one one Joan bowling on the back of the Kansas city quarterback a one hour Tennessee they don't want their second one time all remaining for free board will be thirty eleven with all three fifty nine to play with the dry the cheese head there at least get a first down watch your favorite film stars can be an ANC versus energy match up with the twenty twenty pro bowl on Sunday January twenty sixth three.

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