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Rush three drop max coverage there all these steps up sees green grass in front of of takes it down that left side at picks up the first down with his feet and it's a thing you've got opd as a rushing quarterback he's able to do that now first attempt on the kentucky 48 guideline for northwestern hand off to the new year right side and a little bit of running room for flynn nagel that sound gets to the forty five and picks up about four yards first kerry for nickels really a wide receiver but they'll do that the sweets as well angles athletic enough can run the ball as well toughen up is they give it to him for that sweep around the right side from pick of about five on first down there leaning wide receiver most consistent boyer for northwestern this season now goes emotional handed up up the middle for jackson for northwestern on a second down in six from the 45 he's not going to get much he's actually drop at the line of scrimmage for no gain and it's going to be third down and four for northwestern from the kentucky forty five yard line and again here if you're kentucky on defense this is obviously a passing down for northwestern you cannot let lbd beach you with your with his feet once again you've got to be able to cover those edges and come up and force him to throw the ball check third and six while the 45 a kentucky for northwestern growth western leads at ten a three second quarter lvad from the shotgun takes us that heads up jackson a running back onto the left side that could have the first and gets a couple yards but the job by kentucky defensively a jordan jones leading the charge linebacker with the tackle and i say obviously a massive obviously i was wrong they go with a little handoff for their pick justin jackson doesn't pick it up picks up a couple but they get it to where they can go forward on fourth fourthdown her fourth in three i think that was their thought process knowing that they are to douse the picket are exactly right that's why they are the ones that figured hey this is ford in territory for us and no doubt just stayed right on.

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