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The opposition for having spent years upholding controversial government policies ortega is a prime example she's responsible for all these reasons she smear responsible for not investigating a load of perpetrators of full torture on things save up it's human rights lawyer alfredo romero but in spite of his misgivings he says that ortega and other officials who muster the courage to break with the government should be applauded fight or a peaceful transition in these that you have to accept that these people have change is very positive we need more research day crucially for of doodle the venezuelan armed forces remain loyal to the president angle jefferson kip yes hey why your gabriela renewed as recently split with mobuto after sugary as his top human rights official says many people inside the government and the military no longer support the president but fear reprisals if the jumped ship indeed the backlash can be brutal edelman element though energy that the said on the is also w sosas at anus on this on material mayor venus tells me he's still being targeted for speaking out against my budel the government's latest move is to dismantle one of his cities public health clinics hick clinic is just on the street here visit sure enough all the doctors are gone except for one lingers behind to take away the clinic's medical supplies for npr news i'm john noticed in san mateo venice weather in two thousand ten the same year that arizona past the the nation's toughest law on illegal immigration governor jan verse signed another bill hb 22 81 it restricts public school districts from offering ethnic studies class as i'm just going to read some of the language in the law it.

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