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Might have a Tony Stewart in there someplace or a or a Kyle Larson you just never know no Zacks absolutely either I thought I was active no no no I don't I don't I don't sleep on these deals well it is actually right you know what we need also media out there we need to know we have a guy right now lance Jennings who does all our social media or stats in there I can call him up any time he lets me know who what when where it helps me out you know are are officially come to the race track and it is come out and you know knew exactly job Stanley bar stand can on rich and still be a walk ins you know my boss Chris Kerns and deleting aka you know we we try to put this deal together every year and and do run a bigger better show and we improved every time we're out there so all right cool well last but not least I also do television here in town where the number one watch morning show on I get a lot of the tracks especially the drivers coming down with their cars help to promote different races Hey all it is is just all the stadia go so if you guys ever want to you know take me up on that as well you know I guess it's gonna give you my email and I'm I'm happy to to keep keep your sport alive and well in open grows every year so I appreciate that Dave stolen and just want everybody keep in mind I mean obviously the the track that's closest to you guys right now is there some way I would tell everybody this that's like the angel stadium dirt track racing at all on March twenty eighth don't forget March twenty eighth before we run with the world of outlaws they want the best of both worlds man come out they'll be one heck of a race absolute Hey what's your website so people go take a look well well they didn't go to use act dot com anytime that any meal many body S. and interested in sponsoring or doing anything like that you can go do Tony Jones Racine dot com send me an email we can work something out and get your name on it every one of these race cars every time we're out there on the racetrack yeah you can't get better exposure than being at a racetrack close all right buddy eight thanks a lot I look for stick up with Scott we'll get you on the show throughout the season kinda let everybody know how it's going and I'd love to interview some of your drivers and sponsors thank you Dave appreciate buddy Ironman Hey we're gonna take a small break but when we come back a lot more right here on.

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