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I need them in the women's tag division. Do right by them. And iconic, sir. If there's one thing that hunters completely whiffed on as a women's tag division, it just kind of went up in smoke again. Yeah, anyway, let's keep it moving. Men's Royal Rumble Match. What number does Cody Rhodes come out at? If it's one, I will turn the TV off. If Cody Rhodes is the number one sad distance? Yeah, I don't want that. I feel like it would be the most egotistical, really Cody wrote it into his contract thing. I don't want it. Off the injury. I don't want it. I don't want it, I don't want it. I think there's a delicate balance between fans wanting Cody and then Cody wanting to force his way into this. We all kind of figure that Cody came back to WWE knowing he's getting his hands back on the title. If he goes build a bill at the Royal Rumble, it starts to become narcissistic and egregious. And again, with Sammy not involved in this, the fans are going to revolt. You know this more than anybody kill is not hard to turn on Cody Rhodes. I do it daily. Yeah. He loves Cody rose. But it's like long-standing rivalry between us too. So you gotta be careful with him because even at me as much as people pop for Cody against Seth, like Seth was a heel, a fantastic heel at that. If Cody and Roman work mania and you do this wrong, fans are gonna cheer for Roman and not Cody. Yep. And even me, I wouldn't mind if these two go at it and Roman just beats Cody. I don't mind this. Cody did a good job in AEW on his way out. Like every time he thought Cody was gonna win, he lost. He did a very good job with the money is in the losing. He's the obvious answer to win the Royal Rumble. I just don't want it. Yeah. I'm with you. I wouldn't mind seeing Cody win it, lose to Roman. Chase till SummerSlam. Yeah, or just the money is in the losing. Or do something else. And then get his way back to Rome. Because you gotta build, again, that baby face people behind you, right? It's the entitlement people expect you to win Roman beats you continues to rain, you chase. Bother me at all. And more important, this is the most important aspect of storytelling. If Cody wins now, the story ends. Rather than just begins because it's not like nobody's interested in Cody title defenses. No. But once Cody gets the title, it's like big, great moment, and then you go, well, now what? Yeah. Right? It's almost like Austin turning heel and WrestleMania 17. And everybody was like, that was cool in the moment, but the day after you were like, probably wasn't a good idea. You gotta have your next huge baby face. Ready, or you gotta have your next big bad set up. And they don't. They haven't done anything on that. Seth, people would argue? It's still there, but Seth, a baby face. Right. So he's not set up to run it back with Cody as a first title defense. So, yeah, you're between a rock and a hard place. The money might be in him losing mania if it is a rumble. The rumble be his pop mania should be the loss, SummerSlam. Should be the payoff. And can I be clear, I hate that they pre announced Cody for this? I wish. It was the worst kept secret. I know, but sometimes give me the surprise even though I know it's coming. Unless they have bigger surprises. Well, it's your birthday, and you're like, I know I get a surprise, but if your wife were to tell you, you're getting a surprise party, he's like, fuck you, why would you tell me I'm getting a surprise party? This is one of those situations where it's like, I think he's coming because he was injured in the beginning of the injury. They kind of hypothesized that he wouldn't make it back for the Royal Rumble. If they kind of just kept Cody off the screen, you already sold the tickets for the Royal Rumble. It's on peacocks. Nobody's got to buy it. And Cody shows up, you get a bigger pop like, people knew Triple H was coming back. People didn't know John Cena was coming back. They both got massive pops at the Royal Rumble, but I feel like doing this weekly tease kind of took the air. But there's, again, you're bringing the audience back into it, making them know the journey, the recovery. You could see, but you could Triple H, it works for Triple H. But it works if you have another big return. How big can you get? The edge return is going to be big the only other return I would say to blow Cody and just be like, yo, you know, I blow up the surprise, whatever. We can announce he's coming back. Is there any reason if they say you got Jay white? Any A.J. Styles returns it, right? I'm not saying that this is the case. But I'm just saying how many unannounced returns can you have, right? So it's just like, if you got Jay white, then it's like, well, okay, he's the surprise guy. Edge is a surprise guy. We're going to beat a dead horse. Everybody's a surprise guy. So we let you know Cody is coming back. If you do it without that, it might be a little weird. But if you have another person coming back, that's completely out of left field. It's got to be a big no surprise. Anyway, I still think they're going to stay the course on this and be like, well, Cody's coming back. He's kind of got to win. I just thought it would have been better if we didn't know. The element of surprise would have been a little bit better, but I guess we were just going to go Cody rose. I would like to play devil's advocate. I would love to be like, The Rock does show up. I don't want that though. And we get that. No, I think Cody Rhodes wins it. I love the idea of bell to bell. By coming off the injury and you know what? He's injured. We knew he was coming out. He drew the worst possible spot possible. He was a wrestled in 9 months. My God, there's no way he's going to do it now. Everyone's targeting the shoulder. When the hell out of here. Do you really think if Cody entered at number one, people would be like, is he going to do it? I think all of us would be like, he's going to win. No, it sucks. He's going to win. If you bring him in in 29, he's definitely going to win. That's better. No, because I don't want Cody's ear to rap. But if you bring him in a 20 last, and it's like, you bring him in a one hole came in, I want like two or like fuck, man. No, no, no, no, that was back in the day, right? Nobody went really win bell to Bill, right? Remember, Rey Mysterio had long it was like 58 minutes. But now it's three. Yeah, three deep Sean went bell to bell. Yeah, but now it's expected. If Cody were to come back, it almost takes all the drama out of the Royal Rumble, because it's not really a story of like, Willie, because we know he came back to get this title. Right, we already know he's going to win. Are we already know he's one of two people that could win? The only other way to build drama with it is to go belt. It comes in. We're like, the winners here. Yes, he starts at one. This is it. The winner is here. At least. Why am I watching this? Because at least there's the intrigue of people beating the shit out of him from one through 30. But he ain't feuding with none of them. That's my big, it's a war of attrition. He's shooting with himself. I don't care about a war of attrition. The best part about this Royal Rumble that should happen is the other stories within the royal room. Yes. Obviously, we're probably going to have Brock and Bobby Lashley. Yes, we right? Age is going to come back. He's probably going to deal with Judgment Day at some point. We'll get some surprise returns. We'll get Kofi doing some crazy shit. Now him and ricochet get to flippy dip all around the ring and see what happens. Look, everybody's expecting biggie to come back and threaten me with a good time. No. But we probably will see Gunther in this and it'll be interesting because it's just set up his next few. That's what Royal Rumble should do, but if you put the focus on Cody so early and be like, can he do it? And then it's like, no shit, he's going to do it. He just still hanging around. I don't want him to know. Just turn him heel at that point. Just turn a meal. You're the worst. No, I'm the best.

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