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All from the fan your flagship station for the New York Yankees I feel like a day removed from this NBA blockbuster where the San Antonio Spurs. Ship quite Leonard and Danny green to Toronto in exchange for damore the rose in that there has been this seminal around the league for why would Toronto do this knowing that Leonard has his? Sights set, on Los, Angeles that there's no way in the world Leonard is going to, resign, in, Toronto why would you, do, this if you're Toronto. It's very simple why you would do this it's twofold number one Leonard is a better player, than, damore, Rosen, that's one. Number two the, fact, that, you have a, team that basically as a whole has reached the tape packs they. Flame down the postseason, again everybody thought last year was going. To be there you're and, it wasn't an ended up losing and embarrassing. Fashion to a depleted cavalier team and it gets wet, four straight games you now have a situation where basically everybody will be all in for a. Year Leonard Lowery Valentinus would kept Dwayne Casey if you're gonna go about. It this way I want to hire a rookie coach if you're going to go about it this way but besides point You go to, battle with those drew gas you take on Boston you take off Philadelphia's see where the. Chips may fall Maybe. Go to the NBA finals likely I'm going. To pick the Celtics. I'm going to pick seventy Sixers but you're right there And if it, doesn't work out for a. Team that probably would have been, in. Salary cap hell eight now gives. You a chance a deck starting, new start from scratch Why wouldn't you do that if you to Toronto Raptors that's why I think it. Makes a of sense for them and for San Antonio they want to remain relevant they wanted. To add a twenty twenty five point per game, type score got the wish Now I think the Spurs will be competitive the Spurs better. Than steady Houston And Oklahoma City I do not But it Spurs once again going to be? A, playoff team in the west yeah. I. Put my money on that now this guy has got to be all fired up because his Cleveland Indians made a big move and they. Are back in a big way one. Of my. Staples from the. Overnight good pal Larry in, Florida what's. Up. Larry Kreuger today all you sure did Larry and you gave up a big piece. In order to get Brad hand but this reminds me a lot of what the Indians did with the New York. Yankees, and getting Andrew Miller day no they have Brad hand on the team control..

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