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Has that train been gone? Billy Preston. How long's that trained them gone? 1973 on an M was a single in Great Britain. Here. It was an album cut on every body like some kind of music. And yes, well, many trains have come and gone since then, And the story of Waco is a fascinating one is I mentioned you pick up this book. You won't put it down. Waco. A survivor story, David Tip. Ido lived it welcome to WG and radio. Why? Thank you very much. Can you hear me? All right, I hear you. Fine. Hopefully you hear us as well. My tooth. Very well. You know, I love your story about a Thibodaux, Louisiana when you were talking about working in the Louisiana had passed through there before online travel. Interesting. Yeah, it was. And you know, I found it interesting that David Karesh love the name too, and would call you tip it O, and it's one of those just great names, and so obviously you are destined for fame. But maybe not exactly the kind you got. So what I found very interesting was that your initial impressions of David Koresh were so vastly different from the media. So tell me about this. Yeah, that is pretty funny. The media tends to trade things the way that they wish to and that you have to. You have to deal with it. It it. It's shocking when your life becomes something that you know that is that is talked about And you know, it's completely different. That's why I wrote the book, actually, without a frustration for how things have been presented. But with David, you know, I mean, I was I met David and Steve Schneider and Cantar Center on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. That's one of the things that was a little different about the series that the book Actually I did meet David Stephen, Texas for brevity purposes. They Out to California connection but actually met them at the Guitar Center. And I went in. I had one device of drumsticks. And I went into the electronic drum room and they were looking at one of the kids, and they just asked me if I play it. I played it for about 30 seconds or so and He said. That was pretty good. You're looking for a band. We were kind of looking at tryouts and drummers. And and the guy that was doing all the talking, You know, he's kind of well dressed. Tonight. Steve Schneider on this guy's Madam Denison. David crashed David, you know, had a T shirt jeans just like every kind of every rocker that you mean Hollywood looks very similar to rein in. But when you're a long haired, hippie musician as well, trying to make it me, people for me, I was more impressed with Steve O's one press of the fact that I had a manager. It was a kind of a split talking guy. That's very interesting. The two of them But you know, they handed me their card. And it said. Once and stylish productions on the front. And then on the bag got all this religious scripture instantly handed the card back and I don't I'm not looking to be a Christian band. Thank you very much. And Steve basically said, Listen here. We've been all over the world with Skye. He's he talked about the seventh seal. We have an understanding of Scripture. And you know, we'll talk to rabbis pretty features, Whoever you know. I mean, we really want to know what really says. We don't really consider ourselves to be Christian or Jewish or any one particular religion. I was fascinated and the description of Steve gave of how they perceive things. Was kind of my Allie and I for me. If I were going to study Scripture would have to be a study. I wasn't interested in finding Jesus or being converted or finding God. I was not looking for a spiritual thing. But I always wanted to know what the Bible really said. You know, I knew that I had tried to read it in the past, but it didn't make any sense to me. And I went to Sunday school was a kid that didn't really make a lot of sense to me. So if there was someone that could actually explain it to me, I was a willing whore with him. I think that was the extent of it for May. It's interesting because of course, timing is everything. And you're from Bangor and went Tio Ella going to school, studying music and drums and all that, and working kind of working in a band. So timing was everything. So here's an opening. Well, I could be a musician. So I assume you're first interest in this was was about Let me make some music rather than let me find out the You know, word of knowledge is it is it were But they invited you out to Pomona. What did you think of that place? Not Pomona. But the place you went in Pomona, The rock place the Rock house. So the house was raided Brought, you know that's why they called Roger. And, Yeah, you know, it's funny for huge mentioned me for German voice of some kind of weird timing. Um, there was Ah, you know, I was When I first had met them. That day. Things were a little rough in my bed. I was I was always happy with my L. A band. But I wanted more. I will. You know, I wanted to do more. I want to go Flyer. Do whatever took the other guys in my van. They just didn't seem to be is motivated. So meeting some of the manager who really kind of was seemed to be very motivated. That was very interesting for me when I wantto Ramona House. Okay, So you've read the book recently. It's time I read the book, but I'm not sure what I said..

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