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Follow us on Twitter at W G R 5 50 Good morning. I'm Doug Brown. The Tampa Bay Lightning now have a three games to none lead over the Montreal Canadians in the Stanley Cup final. 63 win in Montreal in game 32 goals for Tyler Johnson he ESPN's Greg Wyshynski says the Canadians comeback seems unlikely even if they come back in the series. Even if they win Game four. The Tampa Bay Lightning are 14 and, oh, Afternoon losses in the playoffs, going back to the beginning of last postseason. Greg Wyshynski on Freddie and Fitz Simmons, Angels D H. And pitchers. Shohei Otani now has hit 13 home runs in the last 15 games to on Friday night to give him a major league leading 30. The season, The Angels beat the Orioles 8 to 7. ESPN's Tim Kurkjian. Well, he's the most remarkable and most exciting player in the game right now, and what he's doing right now has never been done in major league history. This is arguably the most incredible season that anyone has ever put together. Babe Ruth never had a chance. To do what Otani is doing pitch and hit quite like this. Otani, also with his 12th steel of the season in that wind, other finals on Friday night, the Cardinals beat the Rockies 9 to 3 Harrison Bader with his first career Grand Slam in a six run 10th inning. Mariners beat the Rangers 5 to 4 on a Jake Fraley walk off RB in the 10th Red Sox beat the A's 32 in the 10th in Oakland..

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