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The faster because it is a stumbling block for the world you are just we need to jump on board with everybody else we are but next year we had a great line up already planned this year and we've asked all the same artists to come back next year yeah I know that already three four five of them have agreed to come back and we know it's a tough time for musicians right now so often give them at least part of their money from this year as a deposit for next year so they will have some cash right now for us fantastic alright I money goes to support the artists and and the festival or concert series so we don't have a specific fund for example set up right now to support the artists but what we are doing is we are promoting any of the virtual shows that we find out about and really promoting on our social media we're hoping to get a calendar on our website where we can more easily make these events available and really encouraging people to support our artists through virtual tip jars buying merch you know I I will put in a plug if you were going to go to the festival this summer and buy music directly from the artist go to their websites and buy music from them now you know don't go through big box stores just go directly to the source and let's turn it give them some help right now when they most need it well said I guess my biggest thing is I think everyone's gonna miss gathering it how can we as a community of people who have enjoyed this festival who have felt that this is something they base their summer schedules around still feel connected and are what what what can we do to still feel like we're part of something even if we can't gather for one or two glorious days this summer I think we're still working through those issues we have just been contacted by the Wisconsin union directorate.

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