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Of as the world urbanize and people move out of these rural settings. Where they're you know really helping each other and part of that. When they went to the big city with that mean that our networks would disappear in and And then robert putting them head a book bowling alone a series of studies. That seems to suggest that this would be less tight communities in this kind of world I think when you look overall the networks evolve and they evolve in complex ways and it's it's not quite as easy as we would imagine to just say that everything's gonna disintegrate it's sort of you have new connections you have different kinds of connections your connections through your workplace become more important or your school or your family and so there's different types of connections and technology now means that you can be in pretty constant contact with people who might live at a greater distance from you but you know are you're still well connected to and i think you know that's something that's changing and we don't really have the full understanding of yet when with the ultimate whether people are going to end up being more isolated or or more connected and and what you were points out. Is that It has to be studied deeply. And understood by policymakers as well. Because if you're going to again going back to covid nineteen if we want to get the vaccination program implemented a high level it will require Influences leaching influencers Designing a sort of a program that provides inflammation in a trusting band song. Right up that all the mechanics It's not going to go wait. What and there'll be some settings where the mechanics worked pretty well where you know you're going into a hospital is necessary for the doctors and nurses to be vaccinated and frontline workers and so forth but then as you get down as as we need to get herd immunity and we need to get a two-thirds of the world vaccinated. We have to get to you. Know small remote villages in all kinds of places in places that don't believe in vaccines and And and we have to get them vaccinated and that. I think in the longer run to make sure that the the world has immunity and not just from covert nineteen bet for measles and for all kinds of and from future pandemics which we see a probably not going to be as rare as we imagined. you know that that's that becomes essential in getting news out and getting it out. In a reliable way a trusted way becomes more vital. And you know..

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