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Said he changed i guess the mentality of powerlifting in the setup away in my opinion because like you know everybody's just like bench bench bench and tony could squat and dead left as wall so if you're gonna do three lift meat you know obviously you gotta bring up your game on all three you know t squad in like seven i wanna say oh he did at the arnold what did he do on eight eight eight i can't remember exactly i think it was like eight forty something and then dennis cornelius broke it after that so he squatted mid sevens and he's incidents fifties abuse broad niece leaves niels leaves raw niece leaked no dude it's crazy yeah some of those usa pl numbers are really just it's mind boggling you know because is is very it's very competitive for sure and it was very competitive and even like on the state level the numbers are just and everyone's just getting stronger yeah i mean the females in powell thing we talk about all the time here on the podcast yelich jen thompsons bench in god i send that to my friends all the time like do this girl's benching way more than you step up your game statically holds like five fifteen ten second oh man like oh my god yeah old haugen was a big influence to you know like i said old got me into straw man but i think odors phenomenon is age even to that guy's got the grip of death you know he's in his sixties fraser yeah it's a it's a novel he actually has the same birthday as my daughter kia so but yeah it's it's it's crazy you know i love man i love i love i just remember like you know star back in the day just just seeing guys like lamar gant you know lift dan austin back in the day you know just those act i went to ipf classic role worlds in calgary alberta and i remember sitting having a beer with tony harrison bowmore and he was talking about oh what's his name on just blanking out tony conyers tony bowmore said that it's probably one of the frigging strongest dudes pound for pound at em or as known like he would just you know work as a truck driver you know bus in his ass driving truck you know and then come to the gym have a couple of nikolos and then just warm up with three fifteen on the bench any sense you know like.

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